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FILED Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A15-1468       Thomas Lee Fairbanks, Appellant, vs. State of Minnesota, Respondent.
                        Mahnomen County.
            1.   The postconviction court did not abuse its discretion when it concluded that appellant’s causation claim was Knaffla-barred.
            2.   Appellant’s remaining claims are unsupported by substantive facts or argument and are therefore forfeited.
            Affirmed.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.
            Took no part, Justice Margaret H. Chutich.


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FILED Tuesday, July 19, 2016

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.      State of Minnesota vs. Renee Anita Vasko – A15-1172 – Granted
2.      State of Minnesota vs. James William Kralik – A15-0914 –Denied
3.      In re Joel Marvin Munt, Petitioner State of Minnesota vs. Joel Marvin Munt – A16‑0497 – Denied
4.      State of Minnesota vs. Rustin Kent Hartland – A15-0898 – Denied
5.      State of Minnesota vs. Deundrick Demon McIntosh – A15-0887 – Denied
6.      Steven Duane Auers, personally, and as trustee for the next of kin of Karen Auers, deceased vs. Progressive
         Direct Insurance Company – A15-1832 – Denied
7.      State of Minnesota vs. John Charles Kotten – A15-1160 – Denied
8.      State of Minnesota vs. Arnold Lee Scott – A15-0661 – Denied
9.      Darrel Mckee vs. Steve Hammer – A16-0499 – Denied
10.    Jessica Mattson vs. City of Rushford, Minnowa Construction, Inc., State of Minnesota Department
         of Transportation – A15-1018 – Denied
11.    State of Minnesota vs. Morgan Lee Thompson – A15-0904 – Denied
12.    State of Minnesota vs. Lisa Lorraine Peltier – A15-1324 – Denied
13.    State of Minnesota vs. Earl Eugene Ashmore – A15-0675 – Denied
14.    In the Matter of the Estate of:  Orville C. Jacobson, Deceased in the Matter of the Estate of: 
         Hughie Eugene Keenan, Deceased – A15-0316 – Denied
15.    Roger William Kuehn vs. Commissioner of Public Safety – A15-1278 – Granted/Stayed
16.    State of Minnesota vs. Henry Davila – A15-1496 – Denied
17.    Scott Peterson, Roger Smith vs. City of Minneapolis, Minnesota – A15-1711 – Granted
18.    State of Minnesota vs. Erik Demetrius White, Sr. – A15-1040 – Denied
19.    Autumn Ridge Landscaping, Inc. vs. Department of Employment and Economic Development –
         A15-1305, A15-1308 – Denied
20.    NJK Holding Corporation vs. The Araz Group, Inc. – A15-1628 – Denied
21.    Lifespan of Minnesota, Inc. vs. Minneapolis Public Schools, Special School District No. 1 – A15-1717 – Denied
22.    State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Brandon Cochran – A15-0930 – Denied
23.    North Star Mutual Insurance Company vs. Julie Joy Kruger, as trustee for the heirs and next of kin of
         Todd M. Kruger, Michael A. Dahl et al. – A15-1420 – Denied
24.    State of Minnesota vs. Jeremy Williams – A15-0640 – Denied
25.    State of Minnesota vs. Jose Antonio Diaz-Arreguin – A15-0860 – Denied
26.    State of Minnesota vs. Nammoun Khampanya – A15-0885 – Denied
27.    State of Minnesota vs. Gregory Thomas Wandzel – A15-1375 – Denied
28.    Martin Bell, et al. vs. Leonard Street and Deinard Professional Association, et al. – A15-1311 – Denied
29.    Kjellberg’s, Inc., et al. vs. State of Minnesota, by its Commissioner of Transportation – A15-1553 – Denied
30.    David Richard Carlson vs. State of Minnesota – A15-1388 – Denied
31.    Midwest Bonding, LLC vs. Gale Rachuy – A15-1703 – Denied
32.    Randal V. Johnson, et al. vs. Robert A. Fischer, County of Sibley – A15-1315 – Denied
33.    State of Minnesota vs. Jesse Andrew Faust – A15-0428 – Denied
34.    In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of:  Peter Gerard Lonergan – A15-1866 – Denied
35.    State of Minnesota vs. Mackey Keyota Drake – A15-0748 – Denied
36.    State of Minnesota vs. Jayson Stanley Sam – A15-0674 – Denied
37.    Tamara Lyn Renneke, n/k/a Tamara Lyn Fjoslien vs. Dean Glenn Renneke – A15‑1037 – Denied
38.    State of Minnesota vs. Bobby Maurice McGary – A15-0734 – Denied
39.    State of Minnesota vs. David Charles Adams – A15-0991 – Denied
40.    In re the Custody of:  S. K. S Christian Schut vs. Cynthia Schut – A15-1489 – Denied
41.    State of Minnesota vs. Paul Michael Baumchen – A15-0878, A15-1086 – Denied
42.    Delmer V. Fladwood et al v. City of St. Paul – A15-1791 – Denied
43.    In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of:  Kenneth Steven Daywitt – A15-1569 – Denied
44.    Patrick Exner vs. Minneapolis Public Schools, Special School District No. 1 – A15‑1262 – Denied
45.    State of Minnesota vs. Dante Christopher Horton – A15-0736 – Denied
46.    State of Minnesota vs. Ralph Joseph Boecker – A15-1058 – Granted