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FILED Wednesday, August 21, 2019


A17-1325        State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Jose Alarcon, Jr., Appellant.
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   The phrase “leaves a primary address” in the provision that requires a predatory offender to register because of a change in the offender’s primary address means that a predatory offender’s living arrangement at the primary address has ended.  See Minn. Stat. § 243.166, subd. 3a(a) (2018).
            2.   Because subdivision 5(a) of the predatory-offender registration statute, Minnesota Statutes section 243.155 (2018), requires a knowing violation, and the circumstances proved by the State were consistent with the reasonable inference that appellant did not know that his living arrangement at his primary address, a motel, had ended, the evidence was insufficient to support appellant’s conviction under the circumstantial-evidence standard.
            Reversed.  Justice Margaret H. Chutich.
            Dissenting, Justice Anne K. McKeig.

A18-0039        State of Minnesota, Respondent, vs. Michael Paul Valentine Jaros, Appellant.
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   In the absence of constitutional error, the admission of prejudicial evidence does not impose on the State the burden to prove that the error was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt.
            2.   The district court did not abuse its discretion by denying appellant’s motion for a mistrial.
            Affirmed.  Justice Paul C. Thissen.
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FILED Tuesday, August 20, 2019

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

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          Shelby Richardson, et al. – A18-1538 – Denied
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10.     In re Applications for a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed NorthMet Project –
           A18-1312, A18-1524, A18-1608 – Denied
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17.     State of Minnesota vs. Minnesota School of Business, Inc. d/b/a Minnesota School of Business, et al. – A18-1761 – Denied
18.     Streambend Properties II, LLC, et al. vs. Ivy Tower Minneapolis LLC, et al., Wischermann Holdings, LLC, et al.,
          Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, LLC – A18-1488 – Denied
19.     State of Minnesota vs. Andrew Joseph Casserly – A18-1236 – Denied
20.     In the Matter of Cindi Ali – A18-1287 – Granted
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23.     State of Minnesota vs. Yusuf Abdirahman Yusuf – A18-1934 – Denied
24.     Deborah J. Schmitt vs. Paul N. Schmitt – A18-1416 – A18-1890 – Denied
25.     Eric D. Humphreys, et al. vs. Janet Humphreys Krasner – A18-1439 – Denied
26.     State of Minnesota vs. William Thomas Chevre, Jr. – A18-1814 – Denied
27.     State of Minnesota vs. Joel Andrew Matz – A18-1598 – Denied
28.     State of Minnesota vs. Anthony Jerome Woodraska – A19-0093 – Denied
29.     Raymond Baba Atimbaneme vs. State of Minnesota – A18-1572 – Denied
30.     State of Minnesota vs. Deveon Marquise Branch – A18-1055 – Granted
31.     Michael Norman Andersen vs. Robert James Buehler, et al., Concord Township –A18-1988 – Denied
32.     State of Minnesota vs. Pierre Lemar Burgess – A18-1316 – Denied
33.     Joel S. Rabbe, et al. vs. Farmers State Bank of Trimont, et al., Allen Kahler, et al. – A18-1845 – Denied
34.     Donna Delfino vs. Medtronic, Inc. – A18-1462 – Denied
35.     Dorene Larson, as Trustee for the heirs of Megan Marie Lehner vs. Joseph Robert Schramel, Ashley Marie Gieseke,
          State of Minnesota – A18-1861 – Denied
36.     Michael Opeoluwa Adebayo vs. State of Minnesota – A18-0940 – Denied
37.     State of Minnesota vs. Regis Avery Jones – A18-1221 – Denied
38.     State of Minnesota vs. Duane Cedric Allen – A18-1247 – Denied
39.     State of Minnesota vs. Kaylen Demond Nelson – A18-0777 – Denied
40.     State of Minnesota vs. Russell Vincent Winbush – A18-1787 – Denied



41.      State of Minnesota v. Charles Lee Mike – A18-0730 – Vacated/Denied


Filed – August 21, 2019

1.       Patricia J. Marquardt vs. James M. Schaffhausen, et al., Steven M. Dittes, et al., Steven W. Sonnesyn, et al. – A18-0968 – Granted



2.       State of Minnesota vs. Antonio Albert Schally – A18-0013 – Vacated/Remanded