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FILED Wednesday, October 16, 2019


A19-0916        Bruce Clark, et al., Respondents, vs. City of Saint Paul, et al., Appellants.
                         Ramsey County.
            1.   A referendum on a Saint Paul ordinance that establishes organized waste collection services does not conflict with the requirements in Minn. Stat. §§ 115A.94–.941 (2018), that municipalities ensure that residents have waste collection services including through appropriate local controls, because ordinances that are not subject to the referendum fulfill those requirements and the Legislature intended that municipalities have broad authority in the process for establishing organized waste collection. 
            2.   A referendum on an ordinance that establishes organized waste collection services in the City does not impair the City’s contract obligations under the Contract Clauses of the United States and Minnesota Constitutions.
            Affirmed.  Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea.

A18-0121        Ambree Getz, Respondent, vs. Eila Kaarina Peace, et al., Appellants.
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   Discounts negotiated by managed-care organizations under Minnesota’s Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan are “payments made pursuant to the United States Social Security Act” and therefore are not deducted from the jury’s damages award under the collateral-source statute, Minnesota Statutes section 548.251, subdivision 1(2) (2018).
            2.   The Legislature intended to displace the common-law collateral-source rule for medical insurance payments and thus the common law cannot be used to reduce the jury’s damages award.
            Affirmed.  Justice Margaret H. Chutich.
            Dissenting, Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea and Justice G. Barry Anderson.

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FILED Tuesday, October 15, 2019

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)


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          State of Minnesota ex rel. Robert Young vs. Paul Schnell, Commissioner of Corrections – A17-1741 – Vacated/Reversed/Remanded