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FILED Wednesday, September 19, 2018


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FILED Tuesday, September 18, 2018

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.      State of Minnesota vs. Twin Cities Care Services – A17-0843 – Denied
2.      In the Matter of the Application of J.M.M. o/b/o Minors for a Change of Name – Granted
3.      State of Minnesota, ex rel. Antwone Ford vs. Tom Roy, Commissioner of Corrections – Granted/Stayed
4.      Leon Tijuan Jackson vs. State of Minnesota, Commissioner of Human Services – A17-1445 – Denied
5.      State of Minnesota vs. Angel Obidio Calix – A17-1252 – Denied
6.      J.C. Allen Co., Inc. vs. Wisconsin Central Ltd., an Illinois Company – A17-1636 – Denied
7.      State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Scott Sundblad – A17-1005 – Denied
8.      Robert Daniel Dixon vs. State of Minnesota – A17-1914 – Denied
9.      Paul Joseph Welle vs. State of Minnesota – A17-1789 – Denied
10.    State of Minnesota vs. Scott Alan Kepner – A17-1322 – Denied
11.    State of Minnesota vs. Kurt Lee Villa – A17-1051 – Denied
12.    State of Minnesota vs. Andrew Demon Fain – A17-1009 – Denied
13.    Neil N. Lapidus, et al. vs. Lurie LLP – A17-1656 – Denied
14.    Cara Zimmer vs. Raymond Landry – A17-1642 – Denied
15.    State of Minnesota vs. Shawn Timothy Cermak – A17-1217 – Denied
16.    Alicia A. Oldenhof, et al. vs. David Hansen – A17-1859 – Denied
17.    State of Minnesota vs. Vincent Michael Parkhurst – A17-1292 – Denied
18.    State of Minnesota vs. Albert George McIntosh – A17-0920 – Denied
19.    Anthony James Olgeirson vs. State of Minnesota – A17-1624 – Denied
20.    Brandyn Brett Phillips vs. State of Minnesota – A17-1563 – Denied
21.    Edson Celin Benitez Dominguez vs. State of Minnesota – A17-1703 – Denied
22.    State of Minnesota vs. Geoffrey Robinson – A17-1192 – Denied
23.    Kari Dale Hickey vs. Dirk Anthony Hummel – A17-1184 – Denied
24.    State of Minnesota vs. Casimir Robert Krithers – A17-1232 – Denied
25.    Melvin Bilbro vs. State of Minnesota – A17-1566 – Granted
26.    State of Minnesota vs. Igor Pavlovich Albantov – A17-1327 – Denied
27.    Jennifer Rodriguez vs. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. – Granted
28.    Ryan Wille vs. Pan-O-Gold Baking Co. (Corp.), Department of Employment and Economic Development – A17-1515 – Denied
29.    Troy K. Scheffler vs. Bear Claw Construction, LLC – A17-1770 – Denied
30.    State of Minnesota vs. Corey Edward Fisherman – A17-1457 – Denied
31.    State of Minnesota vs. Erik Walden Narveson – A17-0938 – Denied
32.    In re Aaron Lee Wittnebel, State of Minnesota vs. Aaron Lee Wittnebel – A18-1138 – Denied
33.    In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of:  Thomas Ray Duvall – A18-0130, 18-0132 – Denied
34.    In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of:  Arthur Dale Senty-Haugen – A18-0240 – Denied
35.    Laurice Shantalle Osby v. State of Minnesota – A17-0905 – Vacated/Remanded
36.    Jeremy Richard Ullrich v. State of Minnesota – A17-0589 – Vacated/Remanded
37.    Nick Norman Korsmo v. State of Minnesota – A17-1075 – Vacated/Remanded
38.    Bryan Gene Quigley v. State of Minnesota – A17-1271 – Vacated/Remanded
39.    Shareef Najeeaullah Shaheed v. State of Minnesota – A17-1627 – Vacated/Remanded
40.    Daryll Christian Strom v. State of Minnesota – A17-0799 – Vacated/Remanded