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FILED Wednesday, September 2, 2015





FILED Monday, August 31, 2015


A14-0429     Timothy Guzick, as Personal Representative of the Estate of George J. Nyberg
                      and as Trustee of the George Nyberg Trust, Respondent, vs. Larry Kimball, et al.,
                      Appellants, Colleen Bennett, Defendant.
                      Court of Appeals.
           The plaintiff’s expert disclosure on proximate cause in a legal malpractice action does not satisfy the “meaningful disclosure” standard of Brown-Wilbert, Inc. v. Copeland Buhl & Co., 732 N.W.2d 209 (Minn. 2007), and therefore does not qualify for safe-harbor protection under Minn. Stat. § 544.42, subd. 6(c) (2014).  Thus, the district court did not abuse its discretion in granting the defendants’ motion to dismiss.
           Reversed.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.
           Concurring, Justices David L. Lillehaug and Alan C. Page.

A14-1555      Todd C. Allan, Respondent, vs. R.D. Offutt Co., self-insured and Gallagher Bassett
                      Services, Inc., Relator.
                      Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals.
           For the purpose of determining eligibility for permanent-total-disability benefits, Minn. Stat. § 176.101, subd. 5(2) (2014), any disability that contributes to the employee’s permanent-partial-disability rating must also affect the employee’s ability to “secure anything more than sporadic employment resulting in an insubstantial income.”
           Reversed and remanded.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.
           Dissenting, Justices Wilhelmina M. Wright, Alan C. Page and David L. Lillehaug
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FILED Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ADM10-8005            Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct.
                                Supreme Court.
           Order amending rule 7.3(b) of the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct effective June 11, 2015.


FILED Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1.        Margaret Burrell Hall, successor in interest to Robert L. Hall, decedent vs. Barbara Jeanne Hall f/k/a
           Barbara Jeanne Barry, et al.
, Cottages of Vadnais Heights, LLC, Defendant – A14-1516 – Denied
2.        In re the Marriage of:  Carrie Marie Lauderdale vs. Scott James Lauderdale – A14-0864 – Denied
3.        Christina Wagner vs. Mark Sowl – A14-1997 – Denied
4.        State of Minnesota vs. Jiyaad Jamaal Copeland – A14-0932 – Denied
5.        State of Minnesota vs. Ricardo Leonard Bowman – A14-0991 – Denied
6.        Matthew Allan White vs. Commissioner of Public Safety – A14-1223 – Denied
7.        State of Minnesota vs. Bradley James Richards – A14-0707 – Denied
8.        State of Minnesota vs. Bob Matt Jaschke – A14-1867 – Denied
9.        In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of:  Gary George Spicer. – A15-0056 – Denied
10.      State of Minnesota vs.  Leslie Lindsey Treadwell – A14-0512 – Denied
11.      In re the Matter of:  A.B., Wayne Belisle, et al. vs. Yana Verzhbitskaya – A14-1656 – Denied
12.      Richard O. Erickson, et al. vs. Neatons’ Crane Service, Inc., Capstone Homes, Inc.,
           Defendant, and Neatons’ Crane Service, Inc., et al., Third Party Plaintiffs, vs. Schmidt
           Industries, Inc., Third Party Defendant – A14-1368 – Denied
13.      Gholamreza Kian, Trustee for the Next of Kin of Sean Kian, Decedent vs. City of Minnetonka, et al. –
           A14-1624 – Denied
14.      State of Minnesota vs. Paris Pierre Pollard – A14-1087 – Denied
15.      State of Minnesota vs. Delbert Keith Sybrandt – A14-0873 – Denied
16.      Jon P. Hanbury, individually and as father and natural guardian of Andrew and Nick Hanbury vs. American 
           Family Mutual Insurance Company – A14-1746 – Denied
17.      State of Minnesota vs. Kunta Kinta Viverette – A14-1377 – Denied
18.      In re the Matter of:   Kristin Holly Scherman, on behalf of minor child, A.S. vs. Tad Gregory Scherman –
            A14-1029 – Denied
19.      James P. Thommes vs. Honeywell International, Inc. – A14-1818 – Denied
20.      Somlith Vongphasouk vs. State of Minnesota – A14-1400 – Denied
21.      In the Matter of the Welfare of the Child of:  D.A.J. and C.A., Parents.
           A15-0221 – Denied (8-19-15)