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Domestic Violence Court

The Domestic Violence Court handles all pre-trial and post-trial Minneapolis cases involving misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor domestic cases, including:

- assault
- disorderly conduct
- conditional release
- interference with emergency or 911 call
- probation violation in domestic cases
- violation of harassment restraining order 
- violation of "no contact" order under MN Statute § 518B
- violation of protection order

If a case goes to trial, it is put on the Criminal Trial Court calendar. Often first appearances in new cases and first appearances in probation violations in suburban cases are also heard in the Domestic Violence Court before being scheduled on a suburban court calendar. Suburban cases are also heard in the Domestic Violence Court when an in-custody defendant has a separate felony matter pending because those defendants will not be transported to the suburban court locations for security reasons.

During all Domestic Violence Court calendars, probation officers and victim advocates can be present in the courtroom. The goals of the Domestic Violence Court are to intervene more quickly, increase accountability, connect people to resources, and increase effectiveness and efficiency.

The Fourth Judicial District has established the Family Violence Coordinating Council (FVCC) for the purpose of addressing family violence issues. 


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