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Who may file a Conciliation Court claim

A person, company, agency or other type of organization can be a "party" (plaintiff or defendant) to a Conciliation Court case. A plaintiff is the party that sues, and a defendant is the party that is being sued.

The Statement of Claim (filed by a plaintiff to start a court action) and the Statement of Counterclaim (may be filed by a defendant), are written statements of fact signed by the party under oath. Generally, a party must personally know the facts of the case and be able to testify about the facts at a hearing.

Pursuant to a Standing Order for Conciliation Court, court staff must reject any claim that is filed on behalf of another individual using a Power of Attorney. The meaning of a "Durable" Power of Attorney is explained in this Legal Fact Sheet.

If you have questions, please call the Conciliation Court at (612)348-2713.


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