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Postpone Jury Service

Petit Juror

If you are summoned to serve as Petit Juror, you may postpone your appearance date ONCE, for up to nine (9) months. To ask to postpone service, please do one of the following:

  • Call the Jury Office at (612)348-3158;
  • Send us your request in writing; or
  • Use the online Jury Questionnaire. To postpone online, you MUST postpone at least 10 days before your current start date. All other postpone requests MUST be done prior to your current start date.

Grand Juror

If you are summoned to serve as Grand Jury, we are not able to postpone the date. If you must be excused, you must complete the questionnaire, make your request to be excused in writing, and send them both in the postage paid return envelope.

In Hennepin County, the Grand Jurors usually meet each Thursday at 8:45 a.m. over a four-month period. Occasionally, your business may be completed in a half day; sometimes you may be required to appear two days in a given week.


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