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Child Protection Cases

The following case types fall under Children in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS):

  • Delinquency Under 10
  • Educational Neglect
  • Truancy
  • Voluntary placement (Other) 
  • Voluntary Placement (EE DD)
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Parental Notification of Abortion

A petition for Children in Need of Protection and or Services (CHIPS) is filed with District Court by the State. The petition is served on the parties in the case either at the time of the initial hearing, also known as the protective care hearing, or before the hearing by a Deputy Sheriff.

The petition will present the allegations that brought the family to the attention of the Hennepin Co. Dept. of Human Services Public Health Department (HCHSPHD).

Those without an attorney (self-represented parties or pro se) can visit the Legal Access Point clinic for brief legal advice located the main District Court Self-Help Center. You must live in Hennepin County or have a court case in Hennepin County to use these services. You can also find "do-it-yourself" legal materials and get help with research at the Hennepin County Law Library.

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