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File a claim for property seized in a DWI arrest

This section refers ONLY to a claim for a motor vehicle seized in a DWI arrest under MN Statute § 169A.63.

  • Effective August 1, 2012, claims for return of seized property may be filed in Conciliation Court if the property is valued at $15,000 or less. No filing fee is charged for claims of property valued less than $500. If the claim is more than $500, up to the limit of $15,000, then the regular filing fee must be paid.
  • A party must have their copy of Form No. 2857 "Notice of Seizure and Intent to Forfeit Property" (sent to them by the City Attorney in the city of the arrest), and a copy must be attached to their Conciliation Court claim.
  • The Conciliation Court Statement of Claim & Summons form must be filed within 60 days following the service of the "Notice of Seizure."
  • The case should be titled: (Plaintiff’s name) Plaintiff vs. Seized property (description) c/o [name of City Attorney] City Attorney - Defendant.
  • If the claim is for $2500 or more, the court will issue service paperwork at time of filing the claim. The paperwork must be served on the City Attorney’s Office in the city where the forfeirture took place and to the law enforcement agency.
  • For questions about property seized during DWI arrests in Minneapolis, please contact Judd Gushwa at (612)673-2644.

All claims must be filed at Room 306, Minneapolis City Hall, 350 South Fifth Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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