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Types of Claims Allowed in Conciliation Court

Conciliation Court can hear claims up to $10,000. It can also order that personal property be returned. Exception: As of August 1, 2012, Conciliation Court can hear cases of seized property valued up to $15,000.

Claims Allowed
Defective goods sold or service provided Damage to property or vehicle
Back rent owed Accident repair expenses not paid
NSF (non-sufficient funds) check tendered
in Hennepin County
Worthless checks
Damage deposit not paid Wages not paid
Return of property (Replevin) Defendant lives in Hennepin County. There are a few expections that allow the incident to happen in Hennepin County.
Claims Not Allowed
Title to real estate Class Actions
Medical malpractice Libel or slander
Discrimination claims Actions against deceased persons
Actions when another court is involved Problem or incident did not happen in or defendant does not live in Hennepin County, with some exceptions

If your claim exceeds the maximum of $10,000, you must state on the claim that you are asking for the lower amount for the court to have jurisdiction. You may not file any other claims related to the same incident. You should consider whether the person you are suing (the defendant) would be able to pay you. Although you may win your case, Conciliation Court is not a collection agency. See What to Do if You Win a Judgment for further information.


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