Adult and Juvenile Charging Information

Elements of Criminal Complaint

Rules 2.01 and 17.02 of the Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure establish the required contents of the complaint including administrative information as authorized and published by the State Court Administrator.

Published Elements of Criminal Complaint

Elements of Juvenile Delinquency Petition

Rule 6.03 of the Minnesota Rules of Juvenile Delinquency Procedure establishes the required contents of petitions alleging Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Petty Offender, or Juvenile Traffic Offender.  Rule 6.03 sets forth the required legal content and minimal administrative content of the petition, and directs the State Court Administrator to publish a list of required administrative data elements as determined by the Supreme Court Juvenile Delinquency Rules Committee.

Published Elements of Juvenile Delinquency Petition

The elements are arranged in categories to suggest a logical location within the petition.  However, the court is not mandating the use of a particular form.  Sample petitions are posted below. These petitions contain all of the required data elements.  Use of these petitions is not mandatory.

Version 1 (Word 2007)
Instructions:  To add a charging table to the form, click on the Options button at the top of the document and select "Enable this content."  Then click on the "Add Count" button to add additional charging tables as needed.

Version 2 (Word 97-2003)

Juvenile vs. Adult Court Jurisdiction Chart (revised 2/2020) (PDF)

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