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FILED Wednesday, July 21, 2021


A19-2083        Joseph Roach, et al., Respondents, vs. County of Becker, Defendant, Thomas Alinder, et al., Appellants, and Gary
                         Heitkamp Construction, Inc., et al., Appellants.
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   Acceptance of a remittitur in lieu of a new trial does not bar an appeal that raises issues separate and distinct from the remittitur order.
            2.   A violation of a watershed district rule asserted as part of a tort claim but that is neither pleaded as, nor held to be, a basis for the claim does not suffice for an award of attorney fees under Minn. Stat. § 103D.545, subd. 3 (2020).
            Affirmed in part and reversed in part.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.
            Took no part, Justice Margaret H. Chutich.



A21-0018        In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against Michael Anietie Essien, a Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 031741X.
                         Supreme Court.
            Suspended.  Justice Natalie E. Hudson.

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FILED Tuesday, July 20, 2021

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.         State of Minnesota vs. Michael Darron Ware – A20-0522 – Denied
2.         State of Minnesota vs. Nougai Xiong – A20-0220 – Denied
3.         State of Minnesota vs. Ronald John Miller – A20-0441 – Denied
4.         State of Minnesota vs. Antonio Loren Garbow-Hanks – A20-0636 – Denied
5.         State of Minnesota vs. Antonio Levell Washington – A19-1986 – Denied
6.         State of Minnesota vs. Shy Ann Hentges – A20-0728 – Denied
7.         State of Minnesota vs. Linden Gene McKinney – A20-0673 – Denied
8.         State of Minnesota vs. Clifford Lamont Lea – A20-0042 – Denied
9.         State of Minnesota vs. Edward Earl Williams – A20-0543 – Denied
10.       Patrice Nerad, Frederic W. Knaak, et al. vs. Martin Chalupa, et al., Edina Realty, Inc., et al. – A20-1111, A20-1212 – Denied
11.       State of Minnesota vs. Kimberly JoAnn Denne – A20-0736 – Denied
12.       State of Minnesota vs. Shuxin Lan – A20-0897 – Denied
13.       Eric Berg, et al. vs. Wendy Brown, et al. – A20-0587 – Denied
14.       State of Minnesota vs. Wayne Garrett Lee Rosebear – A20-0784 – Denied
15.       Samuel Morton Post, III vs. State of Minnesota – A20-0998 – Denied
16.       State of Minnesota vs. Shane Kirby Williams – A20-0753 – Denied
17.       State of Minnesota vs. Samantha Mary Jo Provost – A20-0850 – Granted/Stayed
18.       State of Minnesota vs. Roberto Limon – A20-0840 – Denied
19.       William Hansen d/b/a W.G. Hansen & Associates vs. Teleplus Consulting, Inc., and William G. Hansen vs. David E. Steen, et al.,
            Unity Bank – A20-0629 – Denied
20.       Jodi D. Campbell vs. John J. Larson – A20-1068 – Denied
21.       Free Minnesota Small Business Coalition, et al. vs. Tim Walz – A20-1161 – Denied
22.       In re: Officer Randall Axtell – Potential Brady Material – A21-0494 – Denied
23.       State of Minnesota vs. Richard Raymond Glaser, Jr. – A20-0864 – Denied
24.       Katelyn Mae Tobias vs. Eythan Christopher Revier – A20-1520 – Denied
25.       State of Minnesota vs. Angel Gabriel Aviles – A20-0634 – Denied
26.       State of Minnesota vs. Sullivan Michael – A20-0406 – Denied
27.       State of Minnesota vs. Eric Clayton Nord – A20-0890 – Denied
28.       Vickie M. Jones vs. Michael Dan Smilanich, et al., Twin Cities Dental Center, P.A. – A20-0873 – Denied
29.       State of Minnesota vs. Paul Jonathon Lindahl – A20-0845 – Denied
30.       Charity Amber Billings vs. Aaron Louis Olson – A20-1284 – Denied
31.       Shawn Canada vs. State of Minnesota – A20-1403 – Denied
32.       Joseph Walsh, Don Lorge vs. State of Minnesota – A20-1083 – Granted
33.       State of Minnesota vs. Dewayne Romel Holmes – A20-0899 – Denied
34.       Jomari E. Alexander, Sr., Majestic Dreams Holding Co. vs. Laurie Ball – A20-1055 – Denied
35.       State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Alan Galle – A20-1337 – Denied
36.       Maurice Lovell Anderson vs. State of Minnesota – A20-1381 – Denied
37.       In re Adrian Dominic Riley, Adrian Dominic Riley vs. State of Minnesota – A21-0552 – Denied
38.       State of Minnesota vs. Buomkuoth Gatluak Puot Well – A20-0858 – Denied
39.       Bennett & Koch Construction, LLC vs. Denise Jones, Quicken Loans, Inc., Novation Credit Union, John Doe, et al. – A20-0959 – Denied
40.       Eric F. Netter, et al. vs. Shauna L. Raisch – A20-1112 – Denied
41.       Itasca County vs. Itasca County Employees’ Association – A20-1243 – Denied
42.       Amreya Rahmeto Shefa vs. Attorney General Keith Ellison, in his official capacity, Governor Tim Walz, in his official capacity, and
            Chief Justice Lorie Gildea, in her official capacity – A21-0830 – Petition for accelerated review – Granted

State of Minnesota vs. Daniel Joseph Kriesel – A20-0223 – Vacated/Denied