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FILED Wednesday, September 16, 2020


A19-1229        Shavelle Oscar Chavez-Nelson, Appellant, vs. State of Minnesota, Respondent.
                         Dakota County.
            The district court did not abuse its discretion by denying appellant’s petition for postconviction relief without an evidentiary hearing because, even if the facts alleged in the petition were proven by a preponderance of the evidence, appellant is conclusively entitled to no relief.
            Affirmed.  Justice G. Barry Anderson.
            Took no part, Justice Gordon L. Moore.

A18-1981        Kristina Greene, et al., Respondents/Cross-Appellants, vs. Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services, et al., Appellant/Cross-
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   A group of personal care assistants seeking to decertify a public union was not entitled under Minn. Stat. § 179A.54, subd. 9 (2018), to a list containing contact information for individual personal care assistants compiled by the Department of Human Services under Minn. Stat. § 256B.0711, subd. 4(f) (2018).
            2.   The Department of Human Services and Minnesota Management and Budget did not violate the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minn. Stat. §§ 13.01–.90 (2018), by declining to disclose the list to a group of personal care assistants seeking to decertify a public union.
            Affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded.  Justice Natalie E. Hudson.
            Took no part, Justices G. Barry Anderson and Gordon L. Moore.



A20-0808        In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against Daniel Martin Lieber, a Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 0207731.
                         Supreme Court.
            Temporarily suspended.  Justice Natalie E. Hudson.

A20-0934        In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against Thomas H. Pertler, a Minnesota Attorney, Registration No. 0208024.
                         Supreme Court.
            Disbarred.  Justice Natalie E. Hudson.


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FILED Tuesday, September 15, 2020

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.  Faith Technologies, Inc., Biosar America, LLC, Frattalone Companies, Inc., et al. vs. Aurora Distributed Solar, LLC, Aurora Land Holdings,
      LLC, et al.
– A19-1639 – Denied
2.  State of Minnesota vs. Joseph Thomas Saari – A19-1102 – Granted/Stayed (State)/Denied (Saari)
3.  State of Minnesota vs. Portia Renee Glover – A19-1068 – Denied
4.  State of Minnesota vs. Glenn Herman Thomas – A19-0984 – Denied
5.  State of Minnesota vs. Tiron Patrick Beane – A19-0836 – Denied
6.  State of Minnesota vs. Liban Khalif Abdirahman – A19-1091 – Denied
7.  State of Minnesota vs. Gilbert Miller, Jr. – A19-0919 – Denied
8.  State of Minnesota vs. Brandon Joseph Rossbach – A19-0957 – Denied
9.   Annikki Lee Hockert vs. Andrew John Towle – A19-1904 – Denied
10. Tevin Marcel Bellaphant vs. State of Minnesota – A19-1597 – Denied
11.  State of Minnesota vs. Natausha Rae Smith – A19-1101 – Denied
12.  State of Minnesota vs. Sid Brady Strickland-Green, III – A19-0877 – Denied
13.  State of Minnesota vs. Brandon Jerome Hanson – A18-0178 – Denied
14.  Timberwall Landscape & Masonry Products, Inc. vs. DRMP Concrete Limited Liability Company, Anton Klochko, et al., Associated Bank
        National Association Case No. A19-1767 – Denied
15.  Lewis Merenstein, et al. vs. Medtronic Inc., et al. – A20-0701 – Denied
16.  Philip Carlson, Virginia Carlson vs. Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, Bryan Crane, Karen Crane – A19-1485 – Denied
17.  State of Minnesota vs. Mowlid Abdi Ahmed – A19-1213 – Denied
18.  Vermillion State Bank vs. Tennis Sanitation, LLC – A19-1421 – Granted
19.  Samantha Magdalena Hansen vs. Richard Bradley Hansen – A19-1779 – Denied
20.  Safeco Insurance Company vs. Holmgren Building Repair, Inc. – A19-1706 – Denied
21.  Antonio Xavier Daniels vs. State of Minnesota – A19-1279 – Denied
22.  State of Minnesota vs. Yamieyefa Goldpin Ekiyor – A19-0013 – Denied
23.  Frank Timothy Newton vs. State of Minnesota – A19-1144 – Denied
24.  State of Minnesota vs. Emem Ufot Udoh – A20-0956 – Denied
25.  Benjamin Mario Soto vs. AFSCME Local 2181 & Minnesota Department of Human Services – A19-1790 – Denied
26.  State of Minnesota vs. Erik Walden Narveson – A19-0361 – Vacated/Denied