Recursos Español

A continuación se encuentra una lista de recursos en español (formularios, folletos, hojas informativas, avisos, etc.)
The following is a list of resources (forms, brochures, information sheet, notices, etc.) in Spanish.

Conciliation Court general info and guide Paying, Collecting and Appealing your Judgment Expungements Brochure, Housing Domestic Violence Court Brochure What to Expect-Divorce in Minnesota English/Spanish glossary of legal terms
Fast Facts Worksheet Divorce A Parental Guide to Making Child-Focused Parenting Time Decisions (2001) Consider Mediation before Filing a Case in Conciliation Court Landlords-How to File an Eviction Action Tenants-How to Respond to an Eviction Action How to Obtain a Valid Driver's License How to Start Your Divorce How to Finish Your Divorce by Default How to Finish Your Divorce by Agreement (Stipulation) Felon Name Change Instructions How to Apply for a Fee Waiver Notice to Parents
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Statement of Defendant's Rights - Español