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How to Ask for an Order to Transfer a Car Title

In Minnesota, vehicle titles and registrations are managed by the Driver & Vehicle Services Division (DVS) at the MN Department of Public Safety. Dealing with titles can be confusing, but there is useful information about Vehicle Title Transfers on the DVS website.

If you buy a vehicle in Minnesota and the seller has not given you the title or other documents of ownership as part of the sale, you must first try to correct the title problem by following the options listed in the DVS "No Proof of Ownership" procedures BEFORE you can ask for a court order to transfer title. (TIP: Be sure to click on the "Policies & Procedures" link on the DVS webpage.) If the options do not apply to your situation (e.g., DVS does have an ownership record for the vehicle or buyer is aware that the title was issued in another state) or the vehicle does not qualify for the "Defective Title Bond" option, then you may file a motion in District Court asking for an Order to Transfer Title.

Filing a "Motion" with the Court

A "Motion" is the court process to ask a judge to issue an order for something. The county where you live determines the District Court where you file your motion. To make a motion to the court, you need to complete and file certain legal documents, usually called:

  • Notice of Motion and Motion;
  • Affidavit in Support of Motion; and
  • Affidavit of Service.

Usually, there is also a hearing where you tell the judge your request. After you have followed all of the steps for making a motion, the court will issue an order with its decision about title.

Forms - Motion to Transfer Motor Vehicle Title Forms - Motion to Transfer Motor Vehicle Title

Getting Help

If you need help understanding the forms and or court procedures, you could use the services at Legal Advice Clinics & Self-Help Centers. You may also find help at local Law Libraries, which are open to the public. You should talk with a lawyer if you want to know more about your legal rights and options.


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