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Appeal of a Conciliation Court Order or Judgment

To appeal a judgment from Conciliation Court, you must file the paperwork in the district court of the county where the Conciliation Court case was filed. 

More on how to appeal a Conciliation Court judgment

Appeal of a District Court Order or Judgment

IMPORTANT! It is very difficult to appeal a case to the MN Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals. Filing an appeal is not a "do over" of the case. Appellate courts review decisions the trial court judge made about the law, but not questions about the facts. We strongly encourage you to talk to a lawyer to get advice on whether an appeal is the best option for you, and how to write a "brief" and present an oral argument. Court staff cannot give you any legal advice.

If you already appealed your case to an appellate court and it was "remanded" back to the district court, you need to contact the judge's clerk or court administration at the district court with questions about the next steps in the case.

Appeal of a Government Agency Decision

If you are involved in a dispute with a Minnesota government agency (e.g., over proposed sanctions against a daycare provider license, the issuance of an administrative penalty order, etc.), you may be entitled to appeal the decision to the MN Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

OAH is part of the Executive Branch of government (not the Judicial Branch) and is limited in its jurisdiction. Appeals to OAH are initiated through the government agency that issued the license or penalty order. Some appeals are handled by the government agency and not OAH, such as unemployment compensation and human services benefit payments. For people representing themselves without attorneys, contact the MN Office of Administrative Hearings at (651) 361-7900 with any questions about OAH Forms and Procedures.

Guide to OAH Hearings video

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