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The Domestic Abuse Service Center (DASC) serves people who are victims of actual or threatened violence committed by a person with whom they have had a romantic or sexual relationship, or people who have lived together.
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The Domestic Abuse Service Center (DASC) serves people who are victims of violence caused by a family or household member. This includes anyone who has been the victim of actual OR threatened violence by a person with whom they have had a romantic or sexual relationship, or people who have lived together. 

At DASC, District Court staff will help people complete the paperwork requesting a temporary Order for Protection (OFP). The order will be submitted to a "signing judge" for review, and then be filed and processed. If the order is granted, the order is then taken to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department for service on the other party.

Several other city, county and advocacy agencies are on site at DASC to help people deal with domestic violence. Go to Related Links to get the contact information for these agencies who want to help.
Visit our Family Court webpage for hours, location, and other court services.

Asking for an Order for Protection

Under MN Statutes Ch. 518B, victims of domestic violence may ask for an Order for Protection (OFP) from Family Court. A victim is NOT required to report the violence to the police before asking for an OFP. There is no filing fee for an Order for Protection. 

If a family member, household member, or someone with whom you have had a romantic or sexual relationship, or if you have lived together or are currently living together, and that person has physically hurt you, or threatened to physically hurt you, you can petition the court for an Order for Protection.

You can petition the court for an Order for Protection if:
  • you or the Respondent lives in Hennepin County;
  • the assault occurred in Hennepin County, OR
  • there is a pending or completed family court case involving the parties or their minor children.
Under MN Statutes § 518B.01 subd. 2(b), domestic abuse occurs to a family or household member if committed by a family or household member. Family or household member is defined as:
  • spouse and former spouse;
  • parents and children;
  • persons related by blood;
  • persons who are currently residing together or who have resided together in the past;
  • persons who have a child in common regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time;
  • a man or a woman, if the woman is pregnant and the man is alleged to be the father, regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time; OR
  • persons involved in a significant romantic or sexual relationship.

What an Order for Protection Can Do

  • restrain the abusing party from committing acts of domestic abuse;
  • exclude the Respondent from your home, work, school, or daycare;
  • require “no contact” in person, by telephone, notes, letters, telegrams, pagers, e-mail or third party;
  • provide other appropriate relief; AND/OR
  • allow the police to arrest the abuser if there is a violation of the Order.

Steps to Ask the Court for an Order for Protection

Anyone seeking an Order for Protection should contact the Hennepin County Domestic Abuse Service Center (DASC) to schedule an appointment at (612)348-5073. Walk-in assistance is available on a limited basis.

District Court staff will help you complete the paperwork (Affidavit and Petition) needed to ask for a temporary "ex parte" Order for Protection. You are called the "Petitioner" and the person you are filing against is called the "Respondent."

A judge will then review your Petition and Affidavit and decide if a temporary ex parte Order for Protection should be issued.

If a hearing is needed, it will be held within 14 days following the filing of the ex parte Order for Protection.

For more information, visit the Domestic Abuse & Harassment help topic.

What is a "restraining" order?

An order from a court directing one person not to do something, such as make contact with another person, enter the family home or remove a child from the state. Restraining orders are typically issued in cases in which partner abuse or stalking is feared, or has occurred, in an attempt to ensure the victim's safety.

What types of restraining orders are available?

Do I need an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment for an OFP by calling the Domestic Abuse Service Center (DASC) at (612) 348-5073, or you can get help on a walk-in basis from 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., but same-day service is not guaranteed for walk-ins.

To ask for a harassment restraining order in Hennepin County, you can get help on a first-come first-served basis at the Hennepin County Court Self-Help Center.

What is the process to file an Order for Protection?

  • Staff at DASC will help prepare your paperwork to ask for an OFP.
  • After the order is drafted, the order goes to the "signing Judge."
  • If the order is signed by the judge, staff from DASC will file the order.
  • The order is then taken to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office for service on the other party.
  • This entire process can take several hours, depending on the availability of staff and the signing judge. You may either wait at DASC for the order, or you can leave and call later to see if it has been signed. Once it has been signed, you can pick it up your order (that same day or the next day).

If I don’t have an appointment how long is the wait?

It is hard to predict how long each meeting will last with clients. We will assist you as soon as we can. If you cannot wait for an extended period of time, please feel free to make an appointment by calling DASC at (612) 348-5073.

Is there a charge to file an Order for Protection?

There is no charge or fee to file an Order for Protection.

How long will my order be good for?

If granted, an Order for Protection order is usually valid for one year to two years.

Once my order is signed, how long will it take for the other party to get served?

Once your order has been signed by the Judge, it goes to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office for service. Contact the Sheriff’s office for more information about their procedures by calling (612) 348-3744.

What information must I have to ask for a restraining order?

The Respondent's (person against whom you are seeking an order) full name. It would also be very helpful to have:
  • Respondent's address (both home and work) so they can be served with a copy of the order;
  • date of birth or approximate age of the Respondent and any impacted children;
  • date(s) of the event(s) or incident(s) (or approximate date); and
  • any Family Court orders involving you and the Respondent.

Advocacy Agencies

Advocates from community organizations can provide many services to victims, including:
  • explain the civil and criminal court process;
  • go to court with you;
  • help you create a safety plan;
  • help you find shelter or temporary housing;
  • make referrals to other resources; and
  • explain your rights.

Community Organizations

Visit the Domestic Abuse & Harassment help topic for additional resources.

City & County Agencies

  • Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office - A Deputy is on location at DASC to provide safety for everyone at the Center.
  • Child Protection - Hennepin County - Contact this agency if you have concerns about abuse or neglect of children.
  • Probation – Hennepin County - You can meet with a Probation Officer for information about process and corrections issues by calling (612) 348-0364.
  • Economic Assistance - Hennepin County - You can meet with a staff person to talk about your eligibility for support, including cash, health care, food support and "emergency assistance" applications. Please call (612) 348-5425.
  • City Attorney & Hennepin County Attorney - You can meet with an attorney from the City or County Attorney's Office for legal advice and help with prosecution of a CRIMINAL case. Please call (612) 348-6415. 

Domestic Abuse Service Center

Hennepin County Government Center
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Minneapolis, MN 55487 
Phone:  (612) 348-5073

Hours:  8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
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