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Implied Consents (Civil Court)
In Forma Pauperis (IFP) (MJB Help Topic)
Interpreter for Court

Jobs / Careers (MN Judicial Branch)
Judges & Referees (Hennepin)
Judicial Assignment Roster (Hennepin)
Judicial Officer Directory (MN Judicial Branch)
Jury Service
Juvenile Court
Juvenile Court FAQs

Landlord / Tenant Actions (Housing Court)
Language Access Plan (LAP) (formerly LEP Plan)
Law Library (Hennepin)
Law Library (State)
Legal Advice Clinics (Hennepin)
Legal Separation of Marriage (MJB Help Topic)
Locations (Hennepin)

Marriage Ceremonies
Mechanic's Lien (State Law Library)
Mechanic's Lien Forms - 40 Series (MN Dept. Commerce)
Media & Public Affairs
Mediation (MJB Help Topic)
Mediation in Harassment and Housing Cases
Medical Records Portal (Civil Commitment)
"Meet Your Court" (public access TV program)
Mental Health Court (Civil Court)
Mental Health Court (Criminal Court)
MNCIS / MPA Remote (online case records)
MyMNConservator (MMC) (Conservator Account System)

Name Change (Civil Court)
Name Change (MJB Help Topic)

Order for Protection (Hennepin DASC)
Order for Protection (MJB Help Topic)
Outreach & Education: Workshops