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New portal for guardians makes submitting materials to court easy

Posted: Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Minnesota Judicial Branch has launched a new mobile-friendly portal, called MyMNGuardian (MMG), for court-appointed guardians to electronically file Personal Well-Being Reports (PWBRs) and corresponding Affidavits of Service with the court. MyMNGuardian encourages timely and accurate filings. The portal automatically sends reminders and notifications regarding PWBRs to guardians, based on the information within the court record. Guardians can electronically complete and file PWBRs and Affidavits of Service through MMG, and then court staff use the portal to accept the documents into the case record.
“MyMNGuardian has been well received by court-appointed guardians. This portal makes filing with the court simple and intuitive,” said State Court Administrator Jeff Shorba. “MMG is an important technological accomplishment for the Judicial Branch. We have had outreach from other state judicial systems that are eager to learn from and emulate this achievement.”
During the initial five-month pilot of MMG, from October 2019 to March 2020, professional guardians filed 590 PWBRs using the portal. The portal was opened to all guardians in late March. At the time of this news release, a total of 5,322 PWBRs have been filed in MMG. There are currently 30,151 cases with court-appointed guardians in the portal.
MMG was developed internally by the State Court Administrator’s Office Information Technology Division. The portal development was partially funded through grant agreement SJI-17-N-030 with the State Justice Institute. Lutheran Social Services Guardianship and Conservatorship program staff worked closely with State Court Administration to test and improve the portal. Guardians were made aware of MMG by a letter and email notifications. Review training resources and the portal on the Guardianship help topic on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.