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Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO) receives President’s Award from the Minnesota State Bar Association

Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Minnesota Judicial Branch announced today that the Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO) Development and Business Team received the 2022 President’s Award from the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA). The Award recognizes outstanding support and assistance to the MSBA and its mission.

“The mission of the MSBA is to promote the highest standards of excellence and inclusion within the legal profession, provide valued resources to its members, and strive to improve the law and the equal administration of justice for all,” said Jennifer Thompson, President of the MSBA. “This year’s recipient of the President’s award, the Minnesota Court Records Online Development and Business Teams, has supported and assisted the MSBA in living all three tenets of its mission. I am hard-pressed to think of a tool that has had more of an impact on the ways lawyers in Minnesota practice law in the past two and a half years.”

MCRO allows the public to search for and retrieve appropriate public court documents without going to a court facility. Users can search for cases using a person’s name, business name, attorney name, or bar number, as well as by case number and citation number for any location at any time. The application also features a Register of Actions that includes case events, document index numbers, hearings, parties, and financial information. Additional search functionality, including the ability to search for hearings scheduled on court calendars and to search for monetary judgments, is anticipated to launch later this summer.

“The Minnesota Judicial Branch is honored to receive this distinguished award from the Minnesota State Bar Association,” said Minnesota Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea. “Minnesota Court Records Online is a groundbreaking application that provides greater access, transparency, and convenience for the people we serve.”

More than 6 million district court documents have been accessed through MCRO since it launched in March of 2021.

“Minnesota Court Records Online is one of the most notable innovations created by the Judicial Branch,” said State Court Administrator Jeff Shorba. “The application and the benefits it provides to attorneys, justice partners, court users, and the media is a testament to the expertise, skills, and dedication of our internal MCRO development and business team that made a vision for greater access and transparency a reality.”