Administrative File Archive

This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS): 

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).
4th Judicial District E-Filing Pilot Project ADM10-8011
Access to Public Records ADM10-8050 (formerly C4-85-1848)
Alliance Pipeline C6-98-1978
Alternative Dispute Resolution C5-87-843
Asbestos Litigation ADM10-8014 (formerly C4-87-2406)
Audio-Video Experiment C6-90-649
Bail Bond Review Panel ADM05-8003
Bd of Legal Certification ADM10-8045 (formerly CX-84-1651)
Bd of Legal Certification Appt Orders ADM10-8044
Board of Law Examiners ADM10-8008
Board of Law Examiners Appt Orders ADM10-8027
Board of Law Examiners C5-84-2139
Cameras Courtroom Oct. 1981 Hearings C7-81-300
Cameras in Courtroom 1982 Hearings C7-81-300
Cameras in Courtroom 1989 Hearings C7-81-300
Cameras in the Courtroom C7-81-300
Certified Law Students CX-74-45163
Chemical Dependency ADM05-8002
Chief Judges Conference C5-86-2114
Child Support Guidelines ADM10-8014 ( formerly C9-85-1134)
Child Support System C4-99-404
Children's Justice Initiative ADM10-8016 (formerly C2-00-2174)
Civil Appellate Procedure ADM09-8006 (formerly C4-84-2133)
Civil Commitment Task Force ADM10-8046 (formerly C4-94-1646)
Civil Justice Reform Task Force ADM10-8051
Civil Procedure Rules ADM04-8001 formerly C6-84-2134
Civil Procedure Rules Appt Orders ADM10-8036
Civil Surcharge Funds CX-84-2167
Client Security Board ADM10-8026 (formerly C0-85-2205)
Client Security Board Appt Orders ADM10-8025
Closed-Circuit TV Task Force C0-91-1421
Code of Judicial Conduct - Canon 3A(11) C7-81-300
Code of Judicial Conduct ADM08-8004 (formerly C4-85-697)
Code of Prof Conduct C8-84-1650
Compensation Council C1-84-2168
Conciliation Court CX-84-2136
Continuing Legal Education ADM09-8008 (formerly C2-84-2163)
Continuing Legal Education Appt Orders ADM10-8035
Court Appointed Civil Counsel C9-00-602
Court Interpreters C9-94-1898 (See also CX-89-1863)
Court of Appeals Internal Rls CX-84-2170
Court Reporter Qualifications 81-876
Court Security ADM10-8013 formerly A03-0604
Court Unification Study Comm C3-84-2169
Creation of 11th Jud Dist C5-80-51882
Crime Victim & Witness Adv Comm C1-99-182
Criminal Court Study Comm C6-89-2248
Criminal Procedure Rules ADM10-8049 formerly C1-84-2137
Criminal Procedure Rules Appt Orders ADM10-8048
Designation of Trial Ct Chambers ADM10-8019 (formerly C9-83-1498)
District Courts Civ App Proc C8-84-2135
Election Contest - November 4 2008 ADM09-8001
Eliminate Judgeship C8-84-2166
Facsimile Transmission C2-87-1853
Family Ct Early Case Mgmt ADM04-8002
Filing Extension C5-01-1630
Financing of Trial Courts C3-88-1547
Fiscal Budget ADM10-8015 (formerlyC3-02-1507)
Gender Fairness Task Force C2-87-1089
General Rls of Prac Advisory Cmte ADM10-8034
General Rules of Practice ADM09-8009 formerly CX-89-1863
Guardian Ad Litem Advisory Cmte C0-95-1475
Harley-Davidson Litigation C1-01-118
Intercourt Committee C9-00-1099
Interstate Adult Offender Supervision ADM10-8007
ITV Task Force ADM09-8005
Judicial Appeal Panel ADM09-8003
Judicial Branch Strategic Plan C5-97-679
Judicial Conduct C7-81-300
Judicial Council ADM04-8003
Judicial Ctr Public Edu Comm C5-86-1089
Judicial Education Adv Cmte C0-88-1957
Judicial Evaluation ADM11-8001 (formerlyC3-90-2360)
Judicial Evaluation and Development Program
Judicial Recall Rls Cmte ADM10-8029 (formerly C0-98-261)
Judicial Selection Commission ADM10-8024 (formerly C1-90-1515)
Judicial Vacancies 10th Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 1st Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 2nd Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 3rd Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 4th Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 5th Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 6th Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 7th Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 8th Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies 9th Dist ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Judicial Vacancies Misc ADM10-8017 (formerly C9-85-1506)
Juror's Rates C8-95-25
Jury Standards Cmte C5-85-837
Jury Task Force C7-00-100
Juv Justice System Task Force C6-92-2065
Juvenile Delinquency Rls Cmte ADM10-8003
Juvenile Delinquency Rls Cmte Appt Orders ADM10-8028
Juvenile Delinquency Rls Cmte CX-01-926
Juvenile Justice Services C6-99-405
Juvenile Procedure Rls C6-84-2165
Juvenile Protection Open Hearings C2-95-1476
Juvenile Protection Rls Cmte ADM10-8041 (formerly C1-01-927)
Juvenile Protection Rules C4-97-1693
Juvenile Representation Study Cmte C0-89-1824
L-Tryptophan Litigation C0-91-706
Lawyer Discipline System Cmte ADM07-8001
Lawyer Registration ADM10-8002
Lawyers Assistance Bd (formerly C4-91-1728)
Lawyers Prof Resp Bd ADM10-8043 (formerly C1-84-2140)
Lawyers Prof Resp Bd Appt Orders ADM10-8042
Legal Certification ADM10-8045 (formerly CX-84-1651)
Legal Services Adv Cmte Appt Orders ADM10-8021
Legal Services Adv Cmte C4-84-2164
Legal Services Planning Committee ADM10-8038
Legal Svcs Following Determination of Major Disaster ADM09-8007
Legal Svcs Funding Cmte C3-95-1969
Legal Svcs Planning Commission ADM10-8038 (formerly A03-938)
Low Fee Family Law Project C7-94-2001
Mentally Disabled and the Courts C9-79-50518
Microsoft Antitrust Litigation C3-00-1454
MN Court of Appeals Special Rules ADM10-1080
MN Judges Association C7-85-2086
MN Permanent Families Project C9-85-467
MN Property Tax Lit C1-98-2035
MN Responsible Rec vs. DNR CX-01-1106
MN Rules of Prof Conduct ADM10-8005
MN Statutes Procedure ADM10-2080 (formerly C8-84-1051)
Modest Means Panel Program ADM10-8001
Nat'l Conference Bioethical Issues C8-89-1120
No-Fault Arbitration ADM09-8011 (formerly C6-74-45550)
No-Fault Arbitration Cmte Appt Orders ADM10-8033
Parental Cooperation Task Force C8-98-1335
Pilot Project on Family Law Appellate Mediation ADM08-8003
Probate Rules C3-84-146
Professionalism Aspirations ADM10-8030 (formerly C0-00-1699)
Project Net v. Kilbourne C0-01-1504
Public Def Funds 8th Jud Dist C1-90-73
Public Defense Board ADM10-8022
Public Defense Board ADM10-8022 (formerly C8-85-1433)
Racial Bias in Courts C8-90-2693
Redistricting 1st Jud Dist C9-81-511
Redistricting 3rd Jud Dist C5-79-50712
Redistricting 5th Jud Dist C9-80-51870
Redistricting 6th Jud Dist C7-81-510
Redistricting 8th Jud Dist C6-78-49543
Redistricting 8th, 9th & 7th C5-79-50449
Redistricting 9th Jud Dist C6-79-49858
Rls of Prac for MN Sup Ct for Former Justices and Employees ADM11-8003
Rules of Evidence ADM10-8047 (formerly C3-84-2138)
Savior v. Dayton C7-00-1702
Sentencing Guidelines Commission ADM10-8023 (formerly C9-80-51095)
Silicone Implant Litigation C7-93-1405
Spec Legal Assistants Study Cmte C2-92-667
Special Master Panel I35W Bridge Collapse ADM08-8002
Special Redistricting Panel C0-01-160
Special Rules in Isolation & Quarantine Cases ADM-09-8004
State Guardian Ad Litem Board ADM10-8009
State Judicial Info Sys C9-80-51027
State Public Defender C7-88-983
Student Practice Rules ADM09-8002
Technology Planning Cmte C4-84-2150
Univ of St Thomas Law School Application C6-02-1906
Videotape-CIC Project C4-89-2099
Visitation & Child Support Task Force C1-95-2120
Vitamin Antitrust Lit C6-99-1909