Anoka County Hearing Officer Information

What is a Hearing Officer?

A Hearing Officer is authorized by the Court to hear payable cases. The Hearing Officer can explain options you may have to settle the ticket other than paying the fine. Depending on the facts of your case and your violation history, some of the options they may be able to offer include: 

  • a reduced fine amount;
  • a payment plan to pay the citation over time; and
  • a continuance for dismissal with payment of prosecution costs
Hearing Officers review payable ticket offenses including parking, traffic, and some misdemeanors. Moving violations, driver's license suspensions, vehicle registration, and insurance violations are a few examples of cases which may be conveniently resolved with a hearing officer in lieu of a court appearance.

Visit the Pay Fines page for information about paying your citation. Información en español.

Schedule an appointment with a Hearing Officer

  • Request online via contact form, or
  • Call the MN Court Payment Center to set an appointment with a Hearing Officer.
At your appointment you will speak with a Hearing Officer to attempt a settlement on your payable offense. If an agreement cannot be reached a court date may be scheduled.  


Hearing officer appointments are conducted via remote technology

  • Attend from your own computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Attend from a tablet at the courthouse. Go to the customer service window for a tablet and assistance.
  • Attend from a library or service center in your community that has public computers.
  • Attend from one of the 250 legal kiosks located throughout the state of Minnesota. Find a kiosk at
  • Talk to the Hearing Officer about a phone-only option for your hearing.