Ramsey County Probate Forms

​If your case is not filed in the Ramsey County District Court and you want to use these forms, you MUST edit the forms for use in your county and judicial district. Check with your local Court Administration about the specific procedures for that district.
Please visit the Probate Help Topic page to learn more about what forms you may need and find other resources related to Probate.

Visit the Statewide Probate Forms page for the following forms:


  • Informal Probate - Starting a Case
  • Informal Probate - Closing a Case
  • Formal Probate - Starting a Case
  • Formal Probate - Closing a Case
  • General Probate
  • Objection (Probate)
  • Informal Appointment of Successor Personal Representative Forms
  • Determination of Descent Forms

Ramsey County District Court Probate Forms: