​The Mission of Ramsey District Court

The mission of the courts of Ramsey County, Minnesota Second Judicial District, is to provide a fair, impartial, accessible and open judicial forum for the efficient resolution of criminal, civil, juvenile, family, and probate legal matters.

To carry out this mission, we will adhere to the following goals:
  • To resolve cases in a responsible manner.
  • To be fiscally responsible.
  • To have an open process.
  • To provide a fair and impartial judicial forum.
  • To anticipate trends and promote innovation.

Excellence in Service

Each Judicial District in the State of Minnesota is committed to providing court-related services to external customers in an efficient manner. External customers include litigants, attorneys, jurors, witnesses, victims, media representatives, advocates, appellate courts, criminal justice stakeholders, and members of the public presenting themselves to request a service provided by the trial courts. In an attempt to achieve this goal, every person employed by the court system (including judges, judicial staff, administrative staff) shall make the best effort to follow the standards listed below and adopted by the Conference of Chief Judges on May 19, 1995.

External Customers of the court system can expect all trial court employees to:
  1. Demonstrate respect and courtesy;
  2. Treat all customers fairly and equitably;
  3. Provide to the extent authorized by law, a prompt and courteous response to both oral and written requests for pertinent information on cases and proceedings;
  4. Furnish, to the extent authorized by law, adequate information regarding what to expect of the court system and instructions on how to use the services. Information and forms should be provided in an easy to read, understandable format;
  5. Provide service that includes as little personal inconvenience as possible.
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