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Parent Education Programs

Parent Education Required in Contested Custody or Parenting Time Cases

Minn. Stat. § 518.157 mandates that in any proceeding “where custody or parenting time is contested, the parents of a minor child shall attend a minimum of eight hours in an orientation and education program that meets the minimum standards promulgated by the Minnesota Supreme Court.  In all other proceedings involving custody, support, or parenting time, the court may order the parents of a minor child to attend a parent education program.”  Pursuant to the statute, the Minnesota Judicial Branch adopted Parent Education Minimum Standards in 1997 and implemented parent education programs statewide in 1998.  Following is summary of the current status of parent education programs in each county of the Sixth District. For all these programs, parents are required to file a certificate of completion; there is no monitoring by the court.

Course Availability:

Kids First sponsored by the Volunteer Attorney Program in Duluth, (218) 336-1392.  Classes at the courthouse in Virginia are every other 4th Thursday of the month.

Children In Between Online Divorce education sponsored by the Center for Divorce Education and approved by State Court Administration as meeting Parent Education Minimum Standards promulgated by the Minnesota Supreme Court. 

Two additional online parent education courses have been reviewed by State Court Administration staff and have been determined to meet the attached Parent Education Minimum Standards promulgated by the Minnesota Supreme Court: