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IRMA is Now Live

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2019

This message is being sent to all court interpreters on the state roster, those who work regularly for the district courts and interpreter agencies, or those who are active on the existing Minnesota Judicial Branch interpreter database.

Good morning:
The Interpreter Resource Management Application (IRMA) has launched.
You should have received an email from last week with instructions notifying you of how to activate and verify your IRMA account. In order to continue to receive assignments from the Minnesota Judicial Branch after October 21, you must have an IRMA account.

View the IRMA Training Video and Written Resources

For any assignments you complete prior to October 21, 2019, you must invoice in the existing invoice system; not IRMA. When IRMA launches, any assignments you complete on or after October 21, 2019, will be invoiced through IRMA.

Assignments Before Oct. 21, 2019: Invoice using existing system
Assignments On or After Oct. 21, 2019: Invoices will be generated through IRMA
This message and prior communications about IRMA can be found in the Communications Archive.