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Posted: Friday, November 15, 2019

This message is being sent to all court interpreters on the state roster, those who work regularly for the district courts and interpreter agencies, or those who are active on the existing Minnesota Judicial Branch interpreter database.

Thank you again for your patience with the transition to our new Interpreter Resource Management Application (IRMA).  Hopefully you have all activated your accounts and are getting accustomed to the new system. If you have technical problems with IRMA, submit a Technical Support Request. You can also contact me or Julie Grengs at the Court Interpreter Program Office but please understand that the Interpreter Schedulers will not be able to help you with technical problems.
We would like to hear about your experience or any suggestions for improvements.  If you have feedback on IRMA, you can send your comments directly to program staff by using the Contact Us email link.
The Interpreter Payment Policy has been updated and is posted on the MJB website: The updates are related to the launch of IRMA. Also, the parking rate chart has been removed from the policy and is now posted on the website.  This will allow parking rates to be updated quickly and as needed. Check the chart regularly if you are adding parking fees to your invoice in IRMA.
If you completed any assignment before October 21st, please submit those invoices using the old system as soon as possible: . Remember to use your interpreter ID number as your User number and use your old password.
If you are unsure where to go when you arrive at a court location, please see Court Administration. They will ask you for the case number and direct you to the correct courtroom.  Do not rely on the bailiff or other staff for that information.
Please use IRMA to sign in and out of your assignments. When you arrive at your assignment location and are done with any personal business and ready to begin work, please sign in.  If you have trouble signing in or out, contact the scheduler so they can manually sign you in or out if needed.  If you call the scheduler and have to leave a voice message, be sure and leave them exact times.
I hope this information is helpful and thank you all so much for your continued service to the Minnesota Judicial Branch!