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The Minnesota Judicial Branch makes a variety of data summaries available to the public in interactive data dashboards and written publications and makes a limited number of bulk data extracts available to the public upon execution of a signed data use agreement. Members of the public may also make a data request to the State Court Administrator by visiting the Request Data tab. The Minnesota Rules of Public Access to Records of the Minnesota Judicial Branch govern what data is available to the public.

Visit the Access Case Records page to view specific case records and documents.
Access Case Records

Some Minnesota Judicial Branch data is available in interactive data dashboards. Dashboards can be downloaded in PDF format for printing and raw data from the dashboards can be downloaded in Excel and CSV. See the Dashboard User Guide (PDF) for help with these features. 

Dashboards are not supported in Internet Explorer. Dashboards work best in the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Technical difficulties are often resolved by switching browsers.

District Court Performance Measures »
  • Number of cases resolved compared to the number of cases filed (clearance rates)
  • Amount of time it takes to resolve cases (time to disposition)
District Court Jury Service and Trial Data »
  • Number of people summoned and selected for jury service
  • Number of jury trials
District Court Criminal Charges »
  • Number of criminal charges filed by statute
  • Number of criminal charges convicted by statute
(New) District Court Convicted Criminal Case Numbers »
  • Downloadable list of convicted criminal case numbers
  • CSV-formatted list can be filtered by county, date, and statute of conviction in spreadsheet application
District Court Cases Filed by Race and Case Filing Rate by Race » 
  • Number of court cases filed by race
  • Average annual case filing rate by race per 10,000 residents
  • Data provided for case types where self-reported race data is collected (criminal, juvenile delinquency, juvenile protection)
District Court Case Data »
  • Number of court cases filed by type of case
Please contact us us if you have questions, suggestions, or feedback on these data dashboards.
Publications, including the Minnesota Judicial Branch Annual Report and Performance Measures Annual Report, can be found on the Publications and Reports page.
The Minnesota State Court Administrator’s Office offers a limited menu of bulk data extracts that are available via paid subscription. These extracts contain only public information and cover very large case groups. Five extracts are available: Criminal with Traffic, Criminal without Traffic, Judgments, Evictions, and Evictions Filings. Updated data is available weekly on Monday, and subscribers are expected to update their data to comply with the terms of the agreement.
The following mapping document specifies the contents of each extract.

Extract Mapping (PDF)
There are one-time signup and monthly subscription fees for each extract. Fees are not subject to change based on file size. Fees may be reviewed periodically by the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

Media organizations and educational institutions are exempt from the fee.

Fee Schedule (PDF)

A signed data use agreement is necessary to access this data. The agreement must be signed by a person with the legal authority to bind your organization to the agreement. We require proof that the signer has such authority. This proof can take the form of corporate charters, letters from organization attorneys, or any other documentation that establishes the legal authority of the signer.

Ongoing Subscriber Agreement (PDF)

One-time Subscriber Agreement (media organizations and educational institutes only) (PDF)

If you are interested in subscribing to one or more bulk data extracts, or if you are a government agency requesting bulk data, please contact us.
Read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information about bulk data extracts.

Bulk Data Extract FAQs (PDF)
If you cannot find the information you want from the available resources, make a request to the State Court Administrator using the form below. You will be contacted within 2 business days about the status of your request. Requests will be fulfilled as time allows and there may be a fee.


Request data »


To request data from the Fourth Judicial District/Hennepin County, please use the Fourth Judicial District Public Data Requests contact form.

To view available documents online, please visit the Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO) page. To order certified copies of documents, please contact the district court in which the case was heard.