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District Court Record Retention

The District Court Record Retention Schedule (Retention Schedule) does the following:

  1. Sets minimum time periods for keeping court records.  Minimum retention is mandated by the Retention Schedule but destruction and/or transfer to State Archives are not mandated.   However, the destruction or transfer of records that have met or surpassed the designated retention period is strongly recommended.
  2. Allows the destruction or transfer of records to State Archives after records are no longer needed at the court.
  3. Permits the destruction or transfer of records to State Archives without the need to make a special request (do not use the State Archives PR‐1 Forms).  All you need to do is follow the Dispositional Guidelines provided in the Retention Schedule.  For records that may not be included in the Retention Schedule a request for disposition is to be directed to the State Court Administrator’s Office (SCAO) Retention Schedule staff contact person.  (See the document linked below)