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Fiscal Year-End Billing Information

Posted: Friday, June 26, 2020

The end of the Minnesota Judicial Branch’s fiscal year is June 30th . As in past fiscal years, there are a few extra details that examiners and institutions are asked to keep in mind while invoicing for their work to ensure billing for examination time goes as easily as possible. Please see the following instructions for any information that may apply to your examination work.

Separate Fiscal Year Expenses

The Examiner Resource Application (ERA) does not allow examiners/institutions to bill for expenses from different fiscal years on the same invoice. Starting July 1st, any expenses incurred on or after July 1st must be submitted on a separate invoice from expenses incurred on or before June 30th. Please also keep in mind, if work on an exam appointment crosses over the fiscal year, exam expenses must be submitted separately by fiscal year.

Complete FY20 Billing by July 24th

Examiners and institutions must complete billing for their FY20 (service dates between 7/1/2019-6/30/2020) expenses no later than July 24, 2020. Please remember that more than one invoice can be submitted per work request. If an examiner or institution began working on a work request prior to June 30th and the work is not completed by July 24th, please be sure to submit all expenses incurred on or before June 30th by July 24th. Any remaining expenses incurred after June 30th can be billed on a separate invoice.

Billing for Delayed Cases Due to COVID

Any examiners or institutions appointed to conduct exam work in a case that is delayed because of COVID-19, should contact the ERA Coordinator if you haven’t already informed the Coordinator or the Psych Examiner Services Program. A date of “1/1/2100” will be entered in the Examiner Report Due Date field of the ERA work request to prevent a Past Due flag on the work request. Examiners and institutions may also bill for any expenses already incurred.

“Testimony Not Provided” Service Type

Beginning Monday, June 29th, a new testimony services type titled “Testimony Not Provided” will appear as a Service Expense Type option. This option should be used when an examiner receives less than 24 hours notice that their testimony is not necessary. This service type will calculate 60% of the examiner or institution’s rate for a trial cancellation or continuance according to section IV.B.5.b.i. of the Psych Examiner Services Payment Policy. Examiners and institutions will no longer to need to request a “Pre-Approved” amount be added to the work request.
We appreciate your attention to these end of year fiscal details and billing practices. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me or an ERA Coordinator.
Have a nice weekend,
Lisa Jore
Psych Examiner Services Coordinator
State Court Administrator’s Office