Repository for Records of Court Proceedings (RRCP) Off-Network Filing

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Official stenographic court reporters and per diem reporters may use the Off-Network Submission eForm web portal to file stenographic records of court proceedings held in Minnesota District Court in the RRCP, as required under Minnesota Judicial Council Policy 523: Storage of Captured Records of Court Proceedings


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If you need an account, please request one using the technical support form.

  1. Access change password form
  2. Enter User Name and Password
  3. Change Password
  4. Close out of tab or browser
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Upload Records

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Quick Reference Guide: Filing Stenographic Records »​

  1. Access the Off-Network Submission eForm web portal
  2. Enter User Name and Password
  3. Enter Court Reporter Name and County(ies) in which the court proceedings took place
  4. Complete other fields as applicable
  5. Upload translated notes in RTF filetype; or raw notes and new or updated dictionary(ies), in RTF
  6. Press the “Submit Form” button to upload your eForm and complete your submission.
You will receive an email confirming the records have been filed or an email letting you know that raw notes were not filed because there is not a dictionary included or on file.

Upload Records