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New MGA Application – Users’ Instructions and Tips

To use New MGA, Users need to work with their Agency Account Manager and complete the following steps.
  1. Prepare

    1. Talk to your Agency Account Manager to determine if your Agency is applying for New MGA.
    2. Attend a New MGA Training online WebEx session (highly recommended).
  2. Complete

    1. Online Registration at https://mga.courts.state.mn.us/MNPRODPORTAL (complete Steps 1 and 2 in the Quick Reference Guide:  Registering for New MGA).
    2. Sign the User Acknowledgement Form or Civil Legal Services User Acknowledgement Form after you have completed Online Registration.
    3. Give your Agency Account Manager two things:
      1. Signed User Acknowledgement Form.
      2. The exact User name (email address) you used to register for New MGA.
  3. Use

    1. The Minnesota Judicial Branch must approve your Agency’s application before you will receive access to New MGA.
    2. Once you have received the registration confirmation email, sign in to New MGA at https://mga.courts.state.mn.us/MNPRODPORTAL

New MGA Application – Users’ Registration & Website Tips


Before Approval: Registration Process

  • If you complete only Step 1 of the Online Registration process, you will be “Not Found” in our system. You will need to finish registration by returning to https://mga.courts.state.mn.us/MNPRODPORTAL and completing Step 2 of the Online Registration process. See the Quick Reference Guide:  Registering for New MGA  for more information.
  • If you receive an error after you clicked on the validation link in the confirmation email (from Step 1 of the Online Registration process), you should be able to ignore (close) the error message. Continue registration as stated in the Quick Reference Guide:  Registering for New MGA.
  • Your User name is the same as the email address you used to register for New MGA.

After Approval:  New MGA Website

  • To save the New MGA website in your browser’s Favorites folder, it needs to be saved as the exact form noted here:  https://mga.courts.state.mn.us/MNPRODPORTAL
  • If you bookmark a version of the Web link that contains extra characters in it than the address noted above, and sign in to New MGA later, you may receive an error message and not be able to properly load New MGA.
    • You will get a link with extra characters in it if you sign in to New MGA, continue working in it, bookmark a subsequent link, and sign out.
    • You may want to clear your Internet cache and cookies before you sign in.
    • If you have trouble with bookmarking the link above, you can either manually type it into your browser, or access it directly through our website. Visit the New MGA Support tab, scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Access Existing Account” section, then follow the “MGA Login Access” link.
  • Your User name is the same as the email address you used to register for New MGA.
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