In Re Temporary Funding of Core Functions of the Judicial Branch of the State of Minnesota

Case # 62-CV-11-5361

The Minnesota Judicial Council and Lori Swanson, in her official capacity as Attorney General of the State of Minnesota, filed in the Second Judicial District the initial documents in the following matter on June 17, 2011.

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Document Name Date Filed Pages
Petition 6-17-2011 11
Motion for Order to Show Cause 6-17-2011 2
Petitioner's Memorandum in Support of Motion for Relief 6-17-2011 27
Affidavit of Service 6-17-2011 2
Proposed Order to Show Cause 6-17-2011 2
Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law,
and Order Granting Motion for Temporary Funding
6-17-2011 6
Notice of Case Filing 6-17-2011 1
Order to Recuse 6-17-2011 2
Order Appointing Hon. Bruce W. Christopherson 6-20-2011 1
Response of Governor to the Petition 6-20-2011 4
Signed Order to Show Cause 6-21-2011 2
Affidavit of Service for Response of Governor to Pet. 6-21-2011 13
Response of MN State Board of Public Defense 6-22-2011 8
Affidavit of Service for Petitioners Order to Show 6-22-2011 12
Notice Other of State Senators 6-22-2011 5
Memorandum of Law of Intervening State Senators 6-22-2011 7
Petitioners Reply Memorandum in Support of Relief 6-24-2011 15
Affidavit of Service for Petitioner Reply Memo  6-24-2011 3
Order Allowing Exception to Recording Equipment in the Courtroom 6-24-2011 1
Written Consent to allow exception for recording equipment 6-27-2011 1
Order Denying Motion for Intervention and Joinder 6-27-2011 8
Findings of Fact Conclusion of Law and Order Granting Injuctive Relief 6-28-2011 8