Minnesota Statute 494 provides that the State Court Administrator may award grants to community dispute resolution programs. Community dispute resolution is defined as a process voluntarily entered by parties in disagreement using mediation or arbitration to reconcile the parties’ differences. By statute, the following disputes are excluded from the mediation program:
  1. any dispute involving violence against persons, including incidents arising out of situations that would support charges under §§ 609.221 to 609.2231, § 609.365, or any other felony charges;
  2. any matter involving a person who has been adjudicated incompetent or relating to guardianship, conservatorship, or civil commitment;
  3. any matter involving neglect or dependency, or involving termination of parental rights arising under §§ 260C.301 to 260C.328; and
  4. any matter arising under § 626.557 or §§ 144.651 to 144.652, or any dispute subject to chapters 518 and 518B, whether or not an action is pending, except for post dissolution property distribution matters and post dissolution parenting time matters. This shall not restrict the present authority of the court or departments of the court from accepting for resolution a dispute arising under chapters 518 and 518B, or from referring disputes arising under chapters 518 and 518A to for-profit mediation.

The next application will be available Spring 2025.
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