Ramsey County District Court

Beware of Jury Scams

Please be aware that if you miss jury service the court will never ask a law enforcement officer to do the following over the phone:

  • collect a fine from you,
  • collect personal information,
  • or serve a warrant 
Scammers are spoofing law enforcement phone numbers, so if you are unsure, hang up and call the law enforcement agency directly.

If you receive a suspicious phone call of this nature, hang up, and promptly report the call your local Sheriff's Office.

Information about jury scams »

Court Hearing or Warrant Resolution Information

If you need information about when and where to appear for court or how to resolve a warrant in Ramsey County, visit our Court Hearing and Warrant Resolution Information page.

Resources for Remote Participation and Viewing of Court Hearings

Remote and in-person hearings will be scheduled according to the oneCourtMN Hearings Initiative Policy. Case participants will find the most accurate information about how their court hearings will take place on their hearing notices. If you have further questions regarding a court case scheduled at a Ramsey County District Court location, call (651) 266-8266.


Local court operations changes are available on the COVID-19 Information Guide. Refer to judicial orders from Chief Judge Leonardo Castro regarding Ramsey County Court access and closures during Covid-19.

Civil Court

The Civil Division includes Conciliation Court, Housing Court, Probate Court, Civil Commitment Court, and offices for Civil Case Filing, Civil Scheduling. (Assignment)

Criminal & Traffic Court

The Criminal Division is comprised of six offices: Criminal, Criminal Records, Law Enforcement Center, other specialized courts, Suburban Court, and Violations Bureau.

Juvenile and Family Court

Juvenile and Family Court oversees the areas of: Domestic Abuse/Harassment, Family Court, and Juvenile Court.

Please take note:

Work originally handled by the Assignment Division has been moved to other offices.  You will find much of the information on the Calendars and Scheduling page. The Jury Office and Interpreters Office are now separate tabs on this page.

For maps, driving directions, courtroom locations, and other information about coming to court, visit the Court Locations Home Page on this site.

Main Courthouse 

15 W Kellogg Blvd, St Paul, MN 55102

Juvenile and Family Justice Center

25 W 7th St. St Paul MN 55102

Law Enforcement Center

425 Grove St. St. Paul MN 55101

402 Commitment Court

402 University Ave E, Suite 100, St. Paul, MN 55130

Suburban Site in Maplewood

2050 White Bear Ave, Maplewood MN 55109

Coming to Court

When you come to court, you should be aware that weapons and other dangerous implements are forbidden in all courthouses. Second District courts screen all visitors. Bags will be inspected and you will be asked to pass through a metal detector. If the detector goes off, security may use a hand-wand to search for metal. The following items should not be brought into the courthouse:
  • Guns
  • Knives (including pen knives and key chain knives)
  • Scissors (including nail scissors)
If you intend to bring in audio or video media for the presentation of evidence, you should check our Courtroom Technology Resources tab on the 2nd District page to see what hardware is available and what you need to do to arrange for it.

Parking options downtown
City of St. Paul website
Camera Use

Learn about Hearing eReminders and how to sign up!

For access to remote hearings contact (651) 266-8266

Ramsey County Weekly Public Court Calendar (Alpha Roster) »
Name, date, time and location of court hearings scheduled within the next 7 days

Other Calendars:

Judicial Schedule and Assignments
Today's location and assignment of Ramsey District Court judges and referees

Daily Judicial Schedule
Today’s location, phone number, and assignment of Ramsey District Court judges and referees
Weekly Judicial Schedule
Location and judicial assignment of Ramsey District Court judges over the next 8-12 weeks.
MN Court Information System (MNCIS) Calendars
Search for calendars by attorney, case, date, judicial officer, or party name.  Select "Court Calendar” from the MN Public Access home screen and specify your search criteria
Judicial Assignment / Rotations
Which Ramsey Judges are assigned to Criminal case types, Civil & Probate case types, and Juvenile & Family case types.

(651) 266-8237
Main Courthouse15 W Kellogg Blvd Room #72, St Paul, MN 55102

Viewing Records

Search online through the Access Case Records link at the top of this page or come to the Records Office. Public access terminals are available in our office to access and view cases and documents. Some cases or documents may only be accessed in a courthouse. Older case records may not be available online, these may only be accessed and viewed in our office.

Copies of Court Records (Certified, Exemplified or Plain)

Our office can provide copies of documents from Ramsey County District Court cases. To request copies you may mail in your request (address above), phone in your request (651-266-8237) or make your request in person at our office (address above). Payment of any required copy fees must be paid before we can provide copies. Please see the Court Fees page for the current copy fees.

We accept these forms of payment:
  • By mail: Check or Money Order
  • By phone: Credit/Debit cards
  • In person: Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit/Debit Cards
Please note that non-public documents may require verification of identity or a judge’s order for access. Contact our office with any questions regarding access.

This office can only certify documents filed in Ramsey County District Court cases. If your document was filed in another county or court, please contact that court location for assistance.
Agencies requesting certified copies of criminal records should send their requests by email to our office and allow up to five (5) business days for processing. Please indicate the court file number and specific document(s) in the email request.  

Rules of Public Access

The Rules of Public Access to the Records of the Judicial Branch approved by the Supreme Court govern access to court records.

Records at the Minnesota Historical Society

State Archives at the Minnesota Historical Society preserves Ramsey County civil case files for the years 1858-1902 (file nos. 1-78,050) and pre-1953 criminal files.
For assistance with the records preserved in the State Archives, researchers may contact Library staff at (651) 259-3300 or by email.

Vital Records

The Vital Records office of the Ramsey County Department of Health provides Birth, Death and Marriage records. For assistance, please call (651) 266-1333 or visit the Ramsey County Department of Health website.

Records Retention

The District Court Record Retention Schedule sets the minimum retention period for court records. Please note that records may be retained longer than the retention period, and some files may have been destroyed per state retention schedules. Contact our office regarding the retention of a particular file. Some cases may have electronic records remaining, but paper documents may have been destroyed.


If a transcript has already been produced and filed, a copy can be obtained from District Court Records.

If a transcript has not been filed, the request must be made to the court reporter at that hearing. The court reporter will provide the cost and time line for production of the transcript. Contact Administrative Services at (651) 266-8302 for court reporter information. Please have the case file number, date(s) of hearing(s) you are requesting transcripts for and your contact information, including phone and email, ready. 

Ramsey County Judicial Officers

Chief Judge Leonardo Castro

Chief Judge Leonardo Castro Second Judicial District

Assistant Chief Judge Sara Grewing

Assistant Chief Judge Sara Grewing Second Judicial District

Judge Reynaldo A. Aligada, Jr.

Judge Reynaldo A. Aligada, Jr. Second Judicial District

Judge Joy D. Bartscher

Judge Joy D. Bartscher Second Judicial District

Judge Shawn M. Bartsh

Judge Shawn M. Bartsh Second Judicial District

Judge David C. Brown

Judge David C. Brown Second Judicial District

Judge Timothy Carey

Judge Timothy Carey Second Judicial District

Judge Kellie M. Charles

Judge Kellie M. Charles Second Judicial District

Judge Patrick Diamond

Judge Patrick Diamond Second Judicial District

Judge Thomas A. Gilligan, Jr.

Judge Thomas A. Gilligan, Jr. Second Judicial District

Judge Andrew Gordon

Judge Andrew Gordon Second Judicial District

Judge John H. Guthmann

Judge John H. Guthmann Second Judicial District

Judge DeAnne M. Hilgers

Judge DeAnne M. Hilgers Second Judicial District

Judge Mark Ireland

Judge Mark Ireland Second Judicial District

Judge Jacob Kraus

Judge Jacob Kraus Second Judicial District

Judge Richard H. Kyle Jr.

Judge Richard H. Kyle Jr. Second Judicial District

Judge Robyn Millenacker

Judge Robyn Millenacker Second Judicial District

Judge Maria Mitchell

Judge Maria Mitchell Second Judicial District

Judge Timothy Mulrooney

Judge Timothy Mulrooney Second Judicial District

Judge Laura Nelson

Judge Laura Nelson Second Judicial District

Judge Kelly L. Olmstead

Judge Kelly L. Olmstead Second Judicial District

Judge Elena L. Ostby

Judge Elena L. Ostby Second Judicial District

Judge Edward Sheu

Judge Edward Sheu Second Judicial District

Judge Stephen L. Smith

Judge Stephen L. Smith Second Judicial District

Judge Nicole J. Starr

Judge Nicole J. Starr Second Judicial District

Judge Sophia Y. Vuelo

Judge Sophia Y. Vuelo Second Judicial District

Judge Adam C. Yang

Judge Adam C. Yang Second Judicial District

Judge P. Paul Yang

Judge P. Paul Yang Second Judicial District

Referee Elizabeth Clysdale

Referee Elizabeth Clysdale Second Judicial District

Referee Victoria Elsmore

Referee Victoria Elsmore Second Judicial District

Referee Jenese Larmouth

Referee Jenese Larmouth Second Judicial District

Referee Rebecca Rossow

Referee Rebecca Rossow Second Judicial District

To contact the Court, it is advised that you call one of the numbers listed below. You may e-mail a question using the Ramsey County District Court Contact Form, but bear in mind that much Court business is time-sensitive, and that submitting an e-mail does not constitute permission to miss a scheduled court appearance, filing deadline, or any other obligation you may have involving a specific case.


Civil Court/Filing: (651) 266-8253 Option #4
For Inquiries about civil cases, lawsuits, general questions about Civil Court.
*Case prefix 62-CV

Civil Assignment: (651) 266-8253 Option #5
For Inquiries about scheduling and information on Civil Cases, Implied Consents (Petitions to reinstate a DL after a DWI).
*Case prefix 62-CV

Civil Commitment: (651) 266-2804
For Inquiries about commitment to a care facility because of mental illness or chemical dependency.
*Case prefix 62-MH-PR

Conciliation Court: (651) 266-8230
For Inquiries about Conciliation (Small Claims) cases where the original claim is less than $15,000.00.
*Case prefix 62-CO

Criminal Court: (651) 266-1999
For inquiries about general information on criminal and serious traffic cases.
*Case prefix 62-CR

Domestic Abuse/Harassment: (651) 266-5130
For inquiries about assistance with filing civil  Domestic Abuse Orders for Protection & civil Harassment Restraining Orders (not part of a criminal case) 
*Case prefix 62-DA-FA and 62-HR-CV

Family Court: (651) 266-2842
For inquiries about divorce, child support, child custody, paternity.
*Case prefix 62-FA

Housing Court: (651) 266-8230
For inquiries about Eviction Actions (Unlawful Detainer), rent escrow, tenant remedy actions.
*Case prefix 62-HG-CV

Juvenile Court: (651) 266-5115
For inquiries about juvenile cases, adoption, delinquency, child protection, juvenile traffic cases.
*Case prefix 62-JV or 62-AD-FA

Probate Court: (651) 266-8145
For inquiries about wills, probate, guardianship, conservatorship, trusts.
*Case prefix 62-PR or 62-TR-CV

Records:  (651) 266-8237
For inquiries about closed/completed cases, historical information, and request for copies
(All Case Types)

Suburban Court: (651) 266-1999
For inquiries about non-felony criminal and traffic cases that occur in Ramsey County, but not in St. Paul. *Case prefix 62-SU-CR or 62-SU-VB

Violations Bureau: (651) 266-1999
For inquiries about Payable offenses that are  not court-required, including traffic, parking, and ordinance violations.
*Case prefix 62-VB

*If the case prefix does not begin with 62, you do not have a 2nd District Ramsey case. Use Find Your District to locate the appropriate Court

Other Offices

Court Administration: (651) 266-8266
For inquiries about administrative offices, information technology, general court policy.

Courthouse Security: (651) 266-8417
For inquiries about Concerns, questions, information about security and entry screening.

Guardian Ad Litem: (651) 266-5273
Representation of the interests of an underage child in a court action  (This is a state-wide program, independent of the Minnesota Judicial Branch)

Interpreter Office: (651) 266-8082
For inquiries about interpreter information.

Jury Office: (651) 266-8200

Law Library: (651) 266-8391
Independent library housed in the 18th floor of the City Hall Courthouse.

Personnel: (651) 266-8266
For inquiries about Human Services, part of Court Administration.

Vital Records: (651) 266-1333
For inquiries about Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses. (This is a Ramsey County Government office, independent of the Minnesota Judicial Branch)
Main Courthouse
15 W Kellogg Blvd
St Paul, MN 55102

Juvenile and Family Justice Center
25 W 7th St
St Paul MN 55102

Law Enforcement Center
425 Grove St
St Paul MN 55101

Civil Commitment Court
402 University Ave E, Suite 100
St. Paul MN  55130

Suburban Court
2050 White Bear Ave
Maplewood MN 55109


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