Emergency Protective Care (EPC) Hearing Training


The purpose of this training is to provide child protection stakeholders an opportunity to participate in experiential Emergency Protective Care (EPC) hearing simulations. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of EPC hearings throughout Minnesota and encourage professionals to implement skills learned at the training into their practices. The trainings are provided by Mitchell Hamline School of Law and supported by the Children’s Justice Initiative (CJI).

Emergency Protective Care Hearing Training

There are no training events currently scheduled.

Recommended Audience
Juvenile Court judges, court administration staff, law clerks, county attorneys, social workers, guardians at litem, attorneys for parents and children, tribal court judges, tribal court social workers, tribal court attorneys, and other child protection stakeholders are invited to attend and participate in this training.

There is no cost to those who participate or observe this training. Due to the interactive nature of this training, space is limited and will be made available to interested participants on a first-come, first-served basis.
No programs are currently scheduled.

No programs are currently scheduled.