Court Integration Services enables authorized agencies' systems to exchange information with the Minnesota Judicial Branch systems.

Integrated eFiling Services allow an authorized agency's system to submit cases and case updates to Minnesota Judicial Branch systems. 

Hearing Schedule

Hearing Schedule allows an agency to schedule, cancel or reset a hearing on a criminal case, when authorized by the local court. This has been used by jail management systems to manage hearing schedules for inmates.

Hearing Schedule, Reset and Cancel Schema version 3.1 uses CourtXML 3 Base Schema
Hearing Schedule, Reset and Cancel Schema version 3.1_NoEnum uses CourtXML 3 Base Schema without enumerations
CourtXML 3 Base schema version 3
CourtXML Base Schema version 3_NoEnum
For prior Schema versions, please view our CourtXML page.
SimpleType Schemas and Companion Files are required for CourtXML Base schema

MQ Series

Queue Manager
  • Development: MSCJB01D
  • Test/QA: MSCJB01T
  • Production: MSCJB01P
​Web Services
         Service AddressWebServices/CourtsIS_02/ScheduleHearingService_3_1.asmx