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Court Integration Services enables authorized agencies’ systems to exchange information with the Minnesota Judicial Branch systems.

User Authentication 

User Authentication allows authorized agencies to authenticate a user's eFS account and receive a Password Hash back that they can use to authenticate that user for the remainder of the day when using other eFS related Court Integration Services.

Messages are exchanged using the elements specified by Electronic Court Filing (ECF) 4.0

For additional information, see these resources:
Oasis Home
Legal XML Home
MQ Series

Queue Manager
  • Development: MSCJB01D
  • Test/QA: MSCJB01T
  • Production: MSCJB01P
Web Services
Service AddressWebServices/ElectronicCourtFiling/FilingReviewService_4_0.svc
A copy of the WSDL is available on our public website. By default this points at the Test/QA environment. At runtime you will need to update the endpoint address to reflect the environment you are using.
Filing Review Service WSDL
Used in the C# Windows applications developed using the Visual Studio 2017 to demonstrate the use of the Subsequent Filing service of the Attach and Detach Service Contract service.