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FILED Wednesday, April 14, 2021


A19-0078        King’s Cove Marina, LLC, Appellant, vs. Lambert Commercial Construction LLC, et al., Defendants, United Fire & Casualty Company,
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   A commercial general liability insurance policy does not cover property damage to an insured’s own completed work under the plain language of a “your work” exclusion, which applies to work included in the “products-completed operations hazard.” 
            2.   A Miller-Shugart settlement agreement that does not allocate between claims that are covered and not covered by the insurance policy is not per se unreasonable and unenforceable against the insurer.
            3.   Determining the reasonableness of an unallocated Miller-Shugart settlement agreement is a two-part inquiry that first examines the overall reasonableness of the settlement and then determines how a reasonable person in the position of the insured would have valued and allocated the covered and uncovered claims at the time of the settlement. 
            Affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded.  Justice Margaret H. Chutich.
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FILED Tuesday, March 30, 2021

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.         State of Minnesota vs. Corey Lemond Bingham – A20-0318 – Denied
2.         Great Plains Educational Foundation, Inc. vs. Student Loan Finance Corporation, et al. – A20-0326 – Denied
3.         State of Minnesota vs. Eugene Foster Cole – A20-0071 – Denied
4.         In re Kallys Alberts, Sr., Kallys Albert, Sr. vs. GEICO General Insurance Company, John Does – A20-1554 – Denied
5.         State of Minnesota vs. Olga Nichols – A19-2073 – Denied
6.         State of Minnesota vs. Tywan Rulford – A19-1483 – Denied
7.         State of Minnesota vs. Andrew Joseph Haman – A19-1617 – Denied (Haman) Granted/Stayed (State)
8.         State of Minnesota vs. Brandon Michael Kramer – A19-2027 – Denied
9.         State of Minnesota vs. Efrem Andre Jackson – A20-0782 – Denied
10.       Steven Lee Mittelstaedt, et al. vs. William H. Henney, et al. – A20-0573 – Granted in part
11.       State of Minnesota vs. Davion Lee Jones – A19-1625 – Denied
12.       State of Minnesota vs. Thomas Joseph Incantalupo – A19-2068 – Denied
13.       State of Minnesota vs. Gerald Duane Skolte – A19-2052 – Denied
14.       Kristen Glaros Hanson, et al., Midwest Investment Services, LLC vs. CBS Construction Services, Inc., et al.,
            Brandon M. Schwartz, et al. – A20-0157 – Denied
15.       State of Minnesota vs. J. Alexander Kueng – A20-1225 – Denied
16.       State of Minnesota vs. Gary Michael Stillwell – A20-0549 – Denied
17.       State of Minnesota vs. Terry Allen Stewart – A20-0488 – Granted/Stayed
18.       State of Minnesota vs. Romeo Deville Eady – A19-2009 – Denied
19.       State of Minnesota vs. Brenden Jamel Reynolds – A19-2080 – Denied
20.       State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Raymond Armendariz – A19-1059 – Denied
21.       Thomas Tulien vs. City of Minneapolis, Black Tree, LLC, d/b/a Yellow Tree Development – A20-0542 – Denied
22.       State of Minnesota vs. Joshua James Allen – A19-1511 – Denied
23.       State of Minnesota vs. Jose Raul Herrera-Torres – A18-1341 – Denied
24.       State of Minnesota vs. Jeremy Ryan Potter – A20-0671 – Denied
25.       State of Minnesota vs. Cedric Antonio English – A20-0163 – Denied
26.       State of Minnesota vs. Larry Cregg – A20-0047 – Denied
27.       State of Minnesota vs. Kim Dale Thompson – A19-1910 – Denied
28.       State of Minnesota vs. Paul Scott Seeman – A19-2084 – Denied
29.       Madison Equities, Inc., et al. vs. Office of Attorney General – A20-0434 – Granted
30.       State of Minnesota vs. Ronny Ray Oleson – A20-0357 – Denied
31.       State of Minnesota vs. Anthoney Micheal Fugalli – A19-2007 – Granted
32.       State of Minnesota vs. Sheldon Emory Noel – A20-0027 – Denied
33.       State of Minnesota vs. Barbara Ann Currin – A20-0603 – Granted
34.       Ellis Evans vs. Ian Niklas – A21-0083 – Denied
35.       State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Chukwuebuke Ineh – A20-0005 – Denied
36.       State of Minnesota vs. James Anthony Niesen – A20-0291 – Denied
37.       Trejuan Dominic Miller vs. State of Minnesota – A20-0430 – Denied
38.       Emem Ufot Udoh vs. State of Minnesota – A20-0633 – Denied
39.       James Michael Soderbeck vs. State of Minnesota – A20-0632 – Denied