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Wright County Local Court Forms
                ENE ICMC Data Sheet
                Instructions and Motion to Vacate Criminal Conviction
                Public Defender Application

                Request for Continuance (Read information in section Criminal and Traffic Hearing Continuance Requests below)

Conciliation Court (Small Claims Court)
Forms for bringing a case in conciliation court (sometimes called small claims court), for filing a counterclaim and information about how to collect on a judgment are available under the Help Topic Conciliation Court.

In Wright County, conciliation court is normally heard on Fridays.  If you have a case filed in Wright County, you may go to Access Case Records to see hearing dates and what documents have been filed.

Domestic Abuse Orders for Protection

Forms for requesting orders for protection are available at Get Forms, from the Wright County Law Library located at the government center, and from the court administrator's office.

Petitions for orders for protection must be reviewed by a judge.  Because daily court calendars are busy, it may take awhile before a judge is available to review the request.  Please be prepared to wait or return later.  Petitions started too late in the day may mean they won't be addressed until the next business day.

Drive Wright Roadway Safety Course

Fines – Paying Traffic Fines – No Court Appearance

Note:  Payment of the fine is an admission of guilt and a conviction will be noted on your driving record.

BE SURE TO READ THE BACK OF YOUR CITATION FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. IF YOU RECEIVED A PAMPHLET WITH YOUR CITATION, BE SURE TO READ THE PAMPHLET. You may calculate your fine by reading the following schedule of fines. If you have questions regarding your citation, please call Court Administration (10 days after receipt of your tickets). YOU MUST APPEAR IN COURT IF THE ENDANGERED BOX IS CHECKED ON YOUR CITATION.

*If your offense requires a court appearance, you may NOT pay your fine prior to your court appearance.

A Charge of $30.00 will be assessed for all returned checks

To find your fine amount, note the statute number of the offense you are charged with and locate it on the Statewide Payables Lists.
*You must appear in court if:

  • The officer noted "endangered life or property" on your citation
  • The statute number you were charged with does not appear on the Payable List
Note: If you must, or wish to, come to court and your citation does not reflect a court date, please call (763) 682-7548 to schedule an arraignment.

Questions about No Proof of Insurance, Drivers License Suspensions, Reinstating Suspended Driver License etc. can be answered on the FAQ tab at PayFines.

Reinstating Your Suspended Driver License

If your driver's license is suspended due to an unpaid fine, you will not be valid to drive until the court receives payment, the notification process to Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) has been completed and the state has reinstated your driving privileges.  You may have incurred additional fees for reinstatement with DVS as well.  You should contact them directly at (651) 296-2035 to determine what is needed to reinstate your license.

Criminal and Traffic Hearing Continuance Requests
Court administration may address a request for continuance of a hearing in some scenarios (click to view the Administrative Order- Wright County Continuance Policy).  All other requests to continue hearings related to criminal and traffic cases must be in writing and submitted to a judge for approval.  If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney must make the request.  Except for arraignments, you must have advance approval from the prosecutor that the matter may be continued. 

Your request must contain the following information:

  • your name
  • file number
  • current court date
  • reason for continuance
  • confirmation that the prosecutor is in agreement (note specifically who you talked to) - Related Agency Contact Information
  • a contact phone number
OR use this form:  Request for Continuance

       Mail your request to:   Court Administration
                                                Attention:  Criminal/Traffic
                                                Wright County Justice Center
                                                3700 Braddock Avenue, Room 1100
                                                Buffalo, MN  55313

Or, Fax your request to:     (763) 682-7300

If your request is granted, you will be contacted by Court Administration.  It may be your responsibility to notify all other parties involved of the new court date and time.

Related Agency Contact Information:

The following agencies may be involved with your court case:

  Wright County Court Services: (763) 682-7308
  Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC): (763) 682-1706
  State Public Defenders (Wright County Office): (763) 682-4306
  Wright County Attorney: (763) 682-7340
  Buffalo City Prosecutor: (763) 682-3361
  Howard Lake Prosecutor: (320) 543-3411
  Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS): (651) 296-2035

For additional Wright County information go to Wright County.