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New Minnesota Government Access

The following browsers are supported for New MGA (current version and preceding version): Internet Explorer; Google Chrome; Mozilla Firefox; Safari; and Microsoft Edge.

October 2020 Update

A new version of Minnesota Government Access (MGA) is planned for release on November 20, 2020. The Minnesota Judicial Branch has responded to feedback from MGA users for enhancements to the system that will provide them with access to more information and to efficiently access court records and documents. Please read the Release Overview for details about the updated and new features, which include:

  • New Interface: A new interface helps users more easily navigate MGA and seamlessly direct them to court records and documents.

  • Improved Search Display and Functionality: A new search display provides more information with initial search results and allows users to find cases more quickly and without clicking multiple party results. Advanced search options and search filters will help users more quickly find the information they need.

  • More Information and an Improved Register of Actions: Users will have access to more information than currently available, including interim conditions, some warrant information, reference numbers for citations and incident control numbers, as well as other agency numbers and information on restitution. There will also be lock icons to easily identify confidential case status.


The Minnesota Judicial Branch offers Minnesota Government Access (MGA) accounts to Minnesota government agencies.  MGA allows Minnesota government agencies to access appropriate electronic court records and documents stored in the Minnesota Court Information System for cases in Minnesota district courts. MGA is an internet browser-based application that requires no installation. Users access MGA through individual login accounts.
Use the tabs on this page to find additional information about MGA.

MGA is available now for all Minnesota government agencies in all Minnesota counties.  If you are not part of a Minnesota government agency, access to some public court records is available through Minnesota Trial Court Public Access (MPA) Remote View.

To apply for MGA, Government Agencies will need to designate an Agency Account Manager, who will coordinate the Users’ responsibilities of the application process (register online and sign a User Acknowledgement Form), and submit the required Application Materials to the Minnesota Judicial Branch. Once your application has been submitted, approved, and processed, Users will be able to use MGA. 

Note:  Allow ample time for the entire application process.

Prepare your application

  1. Make sure the Agency wants and is eligible for MGA. (See the Policies and Notices tab for eligibility information.)
  2. Designate an Agency Account Manager (required).
  3. Use the following links to correctly prepare the Application Materials.:
    1. Agency Account Managers’ Checklist;
    2. Agency Account Managers’ Tips; and
    3. Users’ Instructions
  4. Gather and prepare the following, required Application Materials to submit.:
    1. Master Subscriber Agreement (or if applicable Civil Legal Services Master Subscriber Agreement);
    2. Master Subscriber Agreement Signing Authority (see Agency Account Managers’ Tips for more information);
    3. MGA Request Form;
    4. User Acknowledgement Form(s) (or if applicable Civil Legal Services User Acknowledgement Form); and
    5. CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool) - (Excel spreadsheet)
  5. Manage the process.
    1. Identify each User who will need to use MGA.
    2. Provide the Users with these two (2) documents:

Agency Account Manager Responsibilities

  • Use the following links to correctly prepare the Application Materials.:
  • See FAQs, #28, for more information regarding Agency Account Manager responsibilities.
  • Learn the Users’ registration process.
  • If you have Users who work for multiple agencies, please contact the Minnesota Judicial Branch at the beginning of your preparation so we can guide your Agency on how to proceed with the application process.
  • To update (add or remove) Users for your Agency once your application has been approved, see the Update Existing Accounts tab.

Master Subscriber Agreement

  • Must be signed by someone with authority to bind the Agency.
  • If you are applying for multiple Agencies, you must complete one Master Subscriber Agreement per Agency.
  • A single Agency cannot apply for access on behalf of all Agencies within a county.
  • Submit one application on behalf of your Agency, not on behalf of your individual business units.
  • The “Government Subscriber Name” field must contain the name of the Government Agency (not a person’s or law firm’s name).

Master Subscriber Agreement Signing Authority

  • This document is documented verification of authority to sign on behalf of and bind the entity.
  • There is no specific document for this signing authority, as the verification of authorization for each signer varies by Agency. The Minnesota Judicial Branch needs documentation that tells us the person signing the agreement has the authority to sign it.
  • Examples:  Typically, an Agency will send us a city or county resolution; city or council charter language; or other documentation referencing a specific statute or ordinance that grants the person signing the agreement the authority to sign the agreement on behalf of the Agency.
  • If your Agency already has an existing resolution regarding electronic access with the Minnesota Judicial Branch, the resolution needs to be general enough to cover the revised Master Subscriber Agreement being signed now. If you need to get a new resolution passed, we will keep your file open until the appropriate governing board has been able to meet and pass your resolution.

MGA Request Form

  • Must be completed on behalf of the Government Agency (e.g., not a person’s or law firm’s name).
  • Must be signed by the same person who signs the Master Subscriber Agreement. Their information should also be put in the Agency Director/Manager Authorizing Request block on the first page. Your information should be put in the Agency Account Manager block.
  • If you are applying for multiple Agencies, you must complete one MGA Request Form per Agency.
  • If you work for more than one Agency, you may need to register for each Agency, but you can have only one email address in the system. Please contact the Minnesota Judicial Branch at the beginning of your preparation so we can guide your Agency on how to proceed with the application process.

User Acknowledgement Form

  • Users sign this form after they have completed the online registration process, and then give them to you so you can complete the CAT.
  • All the signed User Acknowledgement Forms need to be combined into one PDF document.

CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool)

  • The CAT is completed after all Users have finished the entire registration process.
  • The information on the CAT (User names and email addresses) has to match exactly what Users used when registering.
  • The CAT must be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet (not as a scanned document).
  • A completed CAT is sent to the Minnesota Judicial Branch’s IT Department to configure Users’ roles and verify the data that Users inputted in the online registration system.

MGA Definitions

Agency Account Manager:

Each Agency has an assigned Agency Account Manager, who (1) serves as the point of contact between the Agency and the State Court Administrator’s Office, (2) maintains a current list of the Agency’s Users and their signed User Acknowledgment Forms, (3) promptly notifies State Court Administration when an Agency’s Users with individual logins should have accounts added or deleted, and (4) reports violations of the agreement by an Agency’s Users and the steps taken to remedy the violations.
CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool):
The CAT is the Excel spreadsheet of all Users who have self-registered, signed User Acknowledgment Forms, and are requesting access.
Government Agency: 
A Government Agency encompasses Minnesota federal, state, and local government entities. Non-profit corporations and private attorneys are not eligible.  However, if a private attorney is under contract with a Minnesota state or local Agency (such as a city prosecutor), the Agency may apply and allow the private attorney to use its account for government purposes only. The Agency must submit the application and oversee usage of any accounts used by private attorneys under contract. For more information, please read the Policies and Notices tab .
Master Subscriber Agreement:
The Master Subscriber Agreement is a legal agreement; it is the short name for “Master Subscriber Agreement for Minnesota Court Data Services for Governmental Agencies.” Government Agencies must sign a revised Master Subscriber Agreement with State Court Administration to receive access to MGA.
MGA (Minnesota Government Access):
MGA is an Internet-based application that provides Government Agencies appropriate
electronic access to court records and documents.
A Government Agency’s employee or independent contractor who requests and receives appropriate electronic access to MGA.

User Acknowledgement Form:
The form signed by each User within the Government Subscriber’s Agency to confirm, in writing, that the User understands the requirements and restrictions of the Master Subscriber Agreement.

To apply for MGA, Government Agencies will need to designate an Agency Account Manager, who will coordinate the Users’ responsibilities of the application process (register online and sign a User Acknowledgement Form), and submit the required Application Materials to the Minnesota Judicial Branch. Once your application has been submitted, approved, and processed, Users will be able to use MGA. 

To apply for MGA, Agency Account Managers should follow and use the Instructions below. Each Agency Account Manager should check all of the items on the checklist ensure their Government Agency is prepared and successfully submits a MGA application. Printable versions are available in the resources to the the right.

Users will be given instructions (on how to register for MGA) by their Agency Account Managers.


Complete Application

  1. Verify that each User (including you) has registered online for MGA and signed and given you a User Acknowledgement Form.
  2. Gather all the Users’ exact User names (email addresses) they provided during online registration and add them to the CAT, while verifying that the User names (email addresses) exactly match what they used to register online (e.g., Thomas vs. Tom).
    •  Important!  The CAT must be completed: 
      •  ​In Excel format; and
      • After Users have finished online registration.
  3. Complete all Application Materials (see the Prepare Tab for more information).

Submit Application

All the following, required Application Materials to with a subject and message of your choice:
  1. Master Subscriber Agreement (or Civil Legal Services Master Subscriber Agreement);
  2. Master Subscriber Agreement Signing Authority (see Agency Account Managers’ Tips for more information);
  3. MGA Request Form;
  4. Signed User Acknowledgement Form(s) (or Civil Legal Services User Acknowledgement Form); and
  5. CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool) – in an Excel spreadsheet

After Submission

The Minnesota Judicial Branch will do the following:

  1. Alert the Agency Account Manager if there are any discrepancies or questions.
  2. Notify the Agency Account Manager when your Agency has access and Users’ accounts have been set up and are ready for use.
  3. Send a fully executed copy of the Master Subscriber Agreement to the Agency Account Manager, after the Agency’s application has been completely processed.
Government agencies are strongly encouraged to attend a training session before using Minnesota Government Access (MGA). To prepare for the training, please review: After reviewing this information, register for and attend a training session to learn about the system and how to use it. The live web-based (WebEx) sessions are approximately 60 minutes long and cover the information a government subscriber needs to complete the registration process, to learn how to use the new system, and to understand the legal basis behind the practice.
Ensure you have the necessary software to login to the WebEx session »

Register for a Live WebEx Training Session

Use the “Register” link to complete registration for your selected date. Email confirmation with a link to join the session will arrive within 24 hours. There is a five person minimum attendance. Cancellation notices are posted on this page at least 24 hours in advance.

MGA New User Training

New MGA users, sign-up for one of these sessions:

Government Agencies that have completed the application process (in the Apply for MGA Access tab) and are using MGA may need to later add new Users (e.g., a new employee) or remove Users (e.g., an employee who has left the Agency).

To add or remove a User, the Agency Account Manager will submit a Change Request Form with other documents as separate attachments to the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

Follow the instructions below to successfully add or remove a User. 

Add User

Agency Account Manager completes the following:

  1. Send User two documents: the Users’ Instructions and Quick Reference Guide:  Registering for MGA (both documents are included in your Agency Account Managers’ Instructions).
  2. CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool) after each User has registered online – in an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Gather and combine signed User Acknowledgement Form(s), or if applicable signed Civil Legal Services User Acknowledgement Form(s) after each User has registered online and completed the form – compiled in one PDF document.
  4. MGA Change Request Form
  5. Submit all Documents to

Remove User

Agency Account Manager completes the following:

  1. CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool)  – in an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. MGA Change Request Form
  3. Submit all Documents to
  • Multiple Change Request Forms may be submitted. The form(s) can be signed by the Agency Account Manager designated on the original MGA Request Form.
  • If you are adding and removing Users at the same time, provide two, separate CATs. Each CAT must be submitted in an Excel spreadsheet (not as a scanned document).
  • To apply for MGA access as a first-time applicant, go to the Apply for MGA Access tab.
  • For further information, review the Agency Account Managers’ Tips.
MGA Support PlanThe MGA Support Plan is available to provide assistance related to MGA.  To get answers to your questions and assist you with using MGA, please select one of the below options.  Be sure to select the correct option for your questions to ensure your question goes to the appropriate support staff and can be answered as quickly as possible.

Questions about Submitting the Agency Application or Access


  • Who should sign the Master Subscriber Agreement for my agency?
  • My users have all registered for MGA.  Where do I send the application materials?
  • Does my agency have access to confidential juvenile delinquency case records?

Who to Contact
(NOTE: Application materials and Change Requests must be sent to

Technical Support Questions

Examples of Technical Support

If you received an error message when using MGA, please take a screenshot and describe the error message.    
  • I received an error when registering for MGA. What should I do?
  • When I try to log into my account, I receive an error message.
  • I receive an error message when attempting to access a case.  Now what?

How to contact

Complete the Technical Support Form.  Provide as much detail as possible, including case number, screenshot of error message, document name and date/time.

Questions Related to a Specific Case or Document


  • Who is the judicial officer assigned to {X} case?
  • Why is {Z} listed as a participant on {Y} case?
  • What does this abbreviation mean?
  • I cannot access a document via MGA. 

Who to contact

Contact the applicable local court administration.

Access Existing Accounts

For Individual Users that have active accounts, MGA may be accessed through: MGA Login Access.
Please review the Notification section of the login screen for updates and other information.


1. I have a question about MGA. Who do I contact?

Please go to our MGA Support Plan located on the public MGA website. Submit your question using one of the 3 options.  Be sure to select the correct option to ensure your question goes to the appropriate support staff and can be answered as quickly as possible.  These MGA FAQs, based on user questions and suggestions, may also provide the information you are seeking.

2. How will my agency’s Odyssey Assistant (OA) account change when I apply for MGA?

No changes are being made to OA accounts.  MGA will eventually replace OA, however, no date has been decided or set for when OA accounts will be disabled.  You may continue to use your agency’s OA account and your MGA account until OA accounts are disabled.  Notice will be provided to OA account users before OA accounts are disabled.  Note: as of July 2012, new OA accounts and OA account changes are not being granted.

3. Why am I getting a message saying the web address is incorrect after I saved the MGA website

The bookmark/favorite link has been corrupted and has the incorrect address in the URL address bar (e.g.  To correct this error or avoid this from happening again, update or change the link to the root site address

4. Why does MGA have an automatic log off?

For security reasons, MGA automatically logs you out of the system after 60 minutes of inactivity. The automatic log out is required because the Judicial Branch is sharing confidential case information and confidential documents through MGA.

5. Will I be charged fees for using MGA?

No. Not at this time. The Master Subscriber Agreement does include fee provisions, in the event that fees are added in the future. Agencies will be notified before any fees are imposed.

Using MGA

6. What is my user name?

Your user name is the e-mail address you entered when you registered for MGA. We recommend the address be your daily email address used with your agency.

7. What cases and documents can I access in MGA?

The case documents and access available is explained in our MGA Subscriber Access Overview handout located on the public MGA training tab.  Please contact if you have additional questions about your access.

8. How do I get access to a document if I cannot access the document in MGA?

Please contact local court administration to request access to the document.  Include the case number and the document name in your request.   The document may need to be reviewed by local court administration.

9. When searching, I received the following: “There was an error while processing your request. Please try again later.” What do I do?

First, click on the “Smart Search” tab and resubmit your request.  Sometimes the result appears after the second or third request.  If that does not work, please report this issue via our Technical Support Form.  We are tracking when this error occurs and sending the information to our vendor.

10. How do I view a court calendar in MGA?

MGA has a Hearings Search option. You can search for hearings by judicial officer, party name, case number, attorney name and/or attorney bar number for an entered date range.  MGA does not provide a calendar “session” view that displays the calendar(s) for a particular county or court location.  We are aware of this need and are hoping to have this functionality in a future release, although a specific date is not available.  You may continue to use Odyssey Assistant (“OA”) calendar functionality, if available at your agency.

11. How do I view Citation data in MGA?

As of January 1, 2019, citation data is available as a document in MGA.  Citation data received prior to this date may not be available in MGA but may be requested from court administration, if needed.

12. How can I see if a party has an active warrant? Where is the warrant flag?

At this time, a warrant flag is not present in MGA.  You may want to check with law enforcement to see if there are active warrants for a party.  MGA users are able to see if a warrant exists and any imaged warrant documents when viewing the individual case record. You can find the case records through a case number search, a party name search, or a hearing search.  We are aware of the need for additional warrant functionality and are hoping to have this in a future release, although a specific date is not available.

13. Where can the law enforcement agency’s ICR# be found?

Law enforcement agency ICR numbers are not currently available in MGA.  If the charging document is available, you may find this information on the document.  We are aware of this need and are hoping to have this functionality in a future release, although a specific date is not available.

14. Where and what is the “Register of Actions” in MGA?

The Register of Actions displays information and events on court case records, including party information, charges, dispositions, sentences, hearings, documents filed, warrants, fines, and fee information.  In MGA, the Register of Actions also includes links to appropriate document images. When you click on the case number or party name, you are taken to “Details,” which is the equivalent of the Register of Actions. Specific sections can then be expanded for additional information.

15. Why doesn’t the Documents section on the ROA show the date the document was filed? How can I get more information?

If you want to view a document from a certain date, you will find the date in the “Other Events and Hearings Information” section. This is where we recommend you view documents. The “Documents” section lists all available documents but does not list the filed date. 

16. How do I narrow my search results when searching by a party name?

Use the Advanced Search Options, such as date of birth, court location or case type. Entering more information will give you fewer and more accurate search results.  If you are using Advanced Search options and the information you entered is not part of the case record (e.g. missing date of birth or no middle name), the party name or case will not display in the search results.  More information is available here: Quick Reference Guide: Using the Advanced Search Options. When using the Advanced Search, be sure to clear the search fields before your next search! Please note: Entering a suffix in a name search yields search results of names both with and without the suffix.

17. How do I return to my list of search results?

Use the “Search Results” section within the MGA application to go back to your search results. You can also click “Smart Search” to go back to the Smart Search option. Using the forward and back arrow in your browser will not return you to a previous screen and may take you out of the system.

18. Can I copy and paste a case number into Smart Search?

We recommend you do not copy and paste case numbers when using Smart Search. Copied and pasted information may include extra spaces that may not be apparent and may give you a result of “No results returned” when a party or case actually does exist.  All spaces before and after in the case number or party name must be removed when searching.

19. How do I search if I only have a partial name or case number?

You can search by using a wildcard (*) asterisk:
  • The user can type in a minimum 4 letters or numbers and then the wildcard asterisk in the Smart Search field and click submit.
  • If a user types 4 alpha characters and a wildcard, the system will return a list of matching names instead of record numbers.
  • If no wildcard is present, the system assumes an exact name or case search.

20. Can I search by Case Status and what does it mean?

While there is an option, we do not recommend searching by case status. Case status indicates the particular stage of the proceedings for the case and use of case status can vary from court to court.

21. How do I search for a monetary judgment using MGA?

At this time, you need to use MPA Remote to search for judgments. You may also use an MPA Courthouse terminal at any Minnesota District Court to perform a judgment search.

22. Can I use MGA for background checks?

No. Background checks are conducted through the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension's (BCA) Computerized Criminal History (CCH) system, which you can access:
  • Online at;
  • At their office located at 1430 Maryland Avenue East in St. Paul; or
  • By calling (651) 793-2400 for information.
The BCA's CCH system links prior criminal history through fingerprints to verify the identification of the individual. MGA cannot provide this level of verification.

23. How do I search if a party is known by different names?

If a party is known by different names (for example, alias or nickname), you may want to search by each name separately to maximize your search results.

MGA Agency Application Process

24. How does my agency apply for MGA?

The agency application process for MGA is outlined on the MGA webpage under the Apply for MGA Access tab.

25. How do I add or remove a user for my agency?

To add new users and remove users from your current MGA accounts, go to our public MGA webpage. Click on the Update Existing MGA Accounts tab.

26. How and where do I send (submit) the MGA application materials?

New agency applications and Change Requests are sent to  Please do not mail or email materials to other addresses unless specifically requested.  Additionally, secured emails and attachments sent through third party applications cannot be opened by the Judicial Branch.

27. Who should sign the Master Subscriber Agreement?

The Master Subscriber Agreement is to be signed by the director/administrator/manager of your agency, on behalf of the entire agency (i.e., identify your agency name at its highest level, such as Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, or City of Montevideo, or other agency/entity name). Many agencies require city council or county board action to grant the authority to enter into the agreement.

28. Does the Agency Account Manager have certain responsibilities, and does each agency need an Agency Account Manager?

Yes, each agency is required under the Master Subscriber Agreement to have an Agency Account Manager. The Agency Account Manager responsibilities include:
  • Serving as the point of contact between the agency and the State Court Administrator’s Office;
  • Maintaining a current list of the agency’s Individual Users and their signed User Acknowledgment Forms;
  • Promptly notifying State Court Administration when an agency’s Individual Users with individual logins should have accounts added or deleted; and
  • Reporting violations of the Agreement by an agency’s Individual Users and the steps taken to remedy the violations.

29. Who should serve as the Agency Account Manager in my agency?

Your agency director/administrator/manager designates the individual he or she wishes to serve as the Agency Account Manager. The Agency Account Manager must be able to perform the responsibilities stated above (See #27).  Larger agencies may need to have more than one Agency Account Manager.  However, we strongly recommend agencies have no more than two agency account managers.

30. Why am I not receiving the account registration emails?

Check your junk mailbox and/or spam folder for the registration emails. The emails may also take some time to generate (often up to one hour).

31. I registered for MGA and I do not have access. What happened?

You need to work with your Agency Account Manager, who will submit a request on your behalf. Registering your email address is just one step in requesting access to MGA. MGA accounts may take a few weeks to set up after we receive the necessary information from the Agency Account Manager. Once your account is set up, you will receive an email.

32. As the Agency Account Manager, how do I know if my users have registered?

Your users can confirm if they have completed the registration process.  Users that have completed the process will receive two confirmation emails, which you can use to verify their registration.  A Quick Reference Guide is available to assist users with both steps of registration.

33. Do I need to complete the mobile phone number question during registration?

No. This is not a required field.  Completing this field will not update any attorney or agency information on any case records with the Minnesota district courts.

34. Which county do I select when registering if I work in multiple counties?

During registration, select one of your multiple counties from the dropdown menu.  A “State” option is also available in the dropdown menu for agencies that have statewide jurisdiction, such as the State Appellate Public Defender’s Office.  Public defenders will be prompted to select a district when registering. Make sure to include your full agency name during the registration process.

35. How do I apply for MGA if I am a contract city attorney?

The city/municipality that you contract with is the “agency” for the purposes of your MGA application. The city/municipality will enter into the Master Subscriber Agreement and sign the Request Form. Make sure to include documentation of verification of authority for the person signing the agreement. You will likely submit the application on behalf of the city/municipality.
If you represent/work for more than one city, please contact prior to submitting your application and we will assist with the application process.  Your MGA registration process will depend on the county where each agency is located.  You may need to complete a separate registration for each agency if the agency access differs. Each of your agencies needs to submit a Master Subscriber Agreement and the required supporting documentation.

36. What if my email address changes?

  • If you have changed agencies:
    • You will need to register your new email address and request access with the help of your new Agency Account Manager.
    • Your access with your old e-mail address will be removed per your former agency’s Agency Account Manager.
  • If your email address has changed because of a name change:
    • You can update your contact email address by editing your MGA profile. This is the address that may be used for system notifications and user communications.
    • If you want to change your login ID to match your new email address, you will need to register the new email address and request access with the help of your Agency Account Manager.  The Agency Account Manager will also need to request that your old email address be deactivated.

Carefully read the following Policies & Notices. Check back periodically for new versions. The following documents give you important information on the supporting Court Rules and terms and conditions governing your account. The Master Subscriber Agreement requires that you stay up to date on this information.

  • Policies & Notices for MGA Login Accounts – Read this document first to understand how to submit a request for a MGA login account and to learn applicable policies and notices related to your account.